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Max Schautzer mourns the loss of his wife and names new details: "The doctor was still optimistic"

On December 26th, Max Schautzer’s wife Gundel died in hospital after a short, serious illness. Now the moderator gives further details.

Update from January 2, 2022: Shortly before the turn of the year, a severe blow of fate occurred in the life of moderator Max Schautzer. The 81-year-old mourns his wife Gundel, who is five years his junior and who died on Boxing Day after a “short, serious illness”. Compared to the Bild newspaper, the TV star has now announced further details about the death of his wife.

Gundel fell at home three times in the weeks before her sudden death, reports Schautzer. A week before Christmas, the 76-year-old complained of problems climbing stairs and was hospitalized for surveillance. “The attending physician was still optimistic that she would soon be able to walk again without any problems,” said the 81-year-old.

Max Schautzer was not allowed to visit his wife in the hospital – “was particularly bad”

Since a gastrointestinal virus had broken out in the clinic, Schautzer was not allowed to visit his wife over Christmas. “That was particularly bad for me and her.” The next day, Gundel’s condition deteriorated rapidly. “The doctor called me and asked if we had an advance directive. Gundel suddenly had shortness of breath. She is in an artificial coma and is being supplied with oxygen, ”recalls the moderator.

Shortly afterwards, the 76-year-old died in hospital. “I was able to say goodbye to her. But by then her soul had already left her, ”reports Schautzer. However, the moderator finds consolation in the memories of 53 years of marriage together. “We had a fulfilling life together,” says the 81-year-old with a view to this time.

Max Schautzer mourns his beloved wife: “Infinitely sad”

First report from December 28, 2021:

Cologne – The TV presenter Max Schautzer mourns his beloved wife Gundel Lauffer. The two had been married since 1968.

Max Schautzer mourns his wife Gundel

The 81-year-old shares moving words on his Facebook page: “I am infinitely sad. My beloved Gundel passed away on Christmas Day after a short, serious illness. We were married for 53 years, had a full life and were happy until the last day. ”It was not until 2018 that the two celebrated their golden wedding anniversary. Now he had to say goodbye to the “love of his life”. She was only 76 years old.

He saw her again in the hospital, but “by then her soul had already left her”

In the hospital, Max Schautzer saw his wife one last time. He describes: “Unfortunately I was not allowed to visit you in the hospital over the holidays because of a quarantine (not Corona) on the ward. It was only in the intensive care unit that I was finally able to say goodbye to her. But by then her soul had already left her. “

In favor of his young career, his wife even turned down a job offer in the USA. “I have never forgotten that,” he continues in his contribution. “Now I miss her hearty laugh, her humor, her accurate taste” and “but above all your, our love!”, Her husband mourns. “Gundel was and will be the great love of my life,” said the 81-year-old. He also paid tribute to her work as an interior designer.

Friends, companions and relatives in mourning

Companions and friends also mourn with Max Schautzer. Singer Gaby Baginsky writes on Facebook: “I did a lot of shows with Max and knew Gundel very well. She was a nice, friendly, and not aloof, helpful woman. Her death really touched me and took me away. ”Julian FM Stoeckel also commemorates the woman:“ I was able to meet Gundel and Max at numerous evening parties. Gundel was always a stylish, charming and extremely affectionate lady, whom you rarely meet today. ”He is closely connected to Schautzer.

Max Schautzer, who lives between Cologne and Kitzbühel, was best known for the programs “Pleiten, Pech und Pannen” and “Alles or nothing”.

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