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Meghan Markle: Her transformation from series star to Duchess of Sussex

Created: 07/25/2022, 1:11 p.m

Before her royal career alongside Prince Harry, Meghan Markle was an actress. It took her a while to adjust her attitude to that of a Duchess of Sussex. Initially rather open-hearted, Meghan found her own distinctive style over time.

Meghan Markle 2015 und 2022 beim Dankesgottesdienst vor der St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.
1 / 20 Meghan Markle has undergone a strong development alongside Prince Harry. The series star became the Duchess of Sussex with a standing as a fashion role model. But also with her some things went wrong on the way (photo montage). © Dennis Van Tine/Doug Peters/Imago
Meghan (damals 25, re.) im Jahr 2006 in Gesellschaft von US-Schauspielkollegin Mandy Moore („This Is Us“, 3. von re.) beim Ausgehen in Southampton.
2 / 20 Meghan at the age of 25 (right) in the company of US actress colleague Mandy Moore (then 22 years, “This Is Us”, 3rd from right) when going out in Southampton. The current Duchess of Sussex looked like a chick at the time. © Rob Rich/Imago
Meghan Markle (mit 27 Jahren) besucht die „60th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards“ in der Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. Stolz posiert sie im freizügigen „kleinen Schwarzen“.
3 / 20 Meghan Markle (aged 27) attends the 60th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards at the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. She poses proudly in a revealing “little black dress”. © Zuma Wire/Imago
Ab 2011 spielt Meghan sieben Jahre lang in der Erfolgsserie „Suits“ die New Yorker Anwaltsgehilfin Rachel Zane. Den toughen Business-Style hat sie danach im Schlaf drauf.
4 / 20 From 2011, Meghan played New York paralegal Rachel Zane for seven years in the hit series “Suits”. Afterwards, she has the tough business style down while she sleeps. © USA Network/Imago
Doch Meghan ist wandelbar. Das Bild zeigt sie ebenfalls 2010. Seit sie als Jungschauspielerin ihr Fernsehdebüt in einer Episode der Seifenoper „General Hospital“ gegeben hat, sind schon acht Jahre vergangen.
5 / 20 But Meghan is changeable. She is also pictured in 2010. It has been eight years since she made her television debut as a young actress in an episode of the soap opera General Hospital. But Meghan effortlessly looks like she just stepped out of the Mickey Mouse Club in jeans, a sweater and a teenage pose. © Liane Hentscher/Imago
Meghan Markle bei der Verleihung der 12 CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund Awards in den Spring Studios New Y
6 / 20 At the presentation of the Vogue Fashion Fund Awards in the Spring Studios in New York, Meghan 2015, now 34 years old, is the vamp with her open-hearted neckline in a silver glitter outfit and charcoal-rimmed eyes. © Dennis Van Tine/Imago
Meghan Markle bei den „Women In Television Celebration presented by Hearts on Fire Diamonds and Olay“ im Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles
7 / 20 Even a year later, Meghan Markle looks as if he has fallen into the paint pot with deep red lips in January. She certainly cannot yet imagine that she will meet her prince charming in the fall and later become a duchess at the “Women In Television Celebration presented by Hearts on Fire Diamonds and Olay” in the Sunset Tower Hotel in Los Angeles. © Admedia/Imago
Meghan Markle und Prinz Harry zeigen sich gemeinsam bei den Invictus Games im September in Toronto.
8 / 20 But it happens: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry (then 32 years old) appear together at the Invictus Games in Toronto in September. During wheelchair tennis at Nathan Phillips Square, the two chat very animatedly and obviously find each other very attractive in casual jeans and a shirt. © Rick Madonik/Imago
Prinz Harry und Meghan Markle sind auf Royal Tour durch Australien an Tag sieben.
9 / 20 Half a year later, the prince and the actress are touring through Australia. Meghan does without a lot of make-up, but looks next to Prince Harry in a spaghetti dress with a clear view of the leg, a tousled bun and XL sunglasses, as if she were a random tourist. © Doug Peters/Imago
Prinz Harry und Meghan Markle verkünden im Garten des Kensington Palastes ihre Verlobung.
10/20 Announcing the engagement on November 27, 2017, Meghan looked super stylish. The belted white fitted coat from Canadian fashion house Line The Label became a hit within hours, although the focus was certainly on her diamond engagement ring, which also features gemstones belonging to Harry’s mother Princess Diana (36, † 1997). . © i-Images / Pool
Prinz Harry nimmt Meghan nach ihrer Verlobung mit nach Wales.
11 / 20 Prince Harry takes Meghan to Wales. The first criticism of the style of the future duchess is loud. Couldn’t she make herself a decent bun, why were strands of hair constantly hanging in her face? And why she keeps looking at the camera with her eyes are the points that the British apparently find questionable about Harry’s fiancé. © Anwar Hussein/Imago
Prinz Harry und Meghan Markle auf dem Weg zu den Endeavour Fund Awards in der Goldsmith Hall in London.
12 / 20 Even at events where Prince Harry takes his beloved, Meghan occasionally looks more like his lawyer than his fiancee. Here the two are on their way to the Endeavor Fund Awards at Goldsmith Hall in London. © Pete Maclaine/Imago
Prinz Harry und Meghan Markle besuchen Social Bite in Edinburgh, Schottland.
13 / 20 The “girl next door” style is obviously not easy to discard. In Edinburgh, Scotland, Harry and Meghan visit a homeless charity. Meghan waves shyly at the crowd and looks like she’d love to hide behind her hair. She is miles away from the appearance of a seasoned duchess. © Trevor Adams/Imago
Zu Prinz Harrys Welt gehört auch die gesamte royal Family, die hier beim Commonwealth Service in der Westminster Abbey zusammenkommt.
14 / 20 Prince Harry’s world also includes the honorable royal family, as they gather at Westminster Abbey as part of the Commonwealth Service. Meghan looks shy even in costume and even looks almost in disguise. Kate and William have a much more spacious demeanor. © Starface/Imago
Beim Dawn Service in London zum Anzac Day im April 2018 sieht Meghan perfekt aus.
15 / 20 At the dawn service in London for Anzac Day, the commemoration day of Australia, New Zealand and Tonga, Meghan looks a bit resigned in April 2018. Her look, on the other hand, is perfect. Even if it’s not a laughing day, the behavior is appropriate, the style impeccable. © i-Images/Imago
Meghan und Harry sind am 19. Mai 2018 in Windsor ein strahlendes Hochzeitspaar
16 / 20 Every sorrow is forgotten: Meghan and Harry are a radiant wedding couple on May 19, 2018 in Windsor. In countless comparisons of the wedding dress with her now sister-in-law Kate Middleton, Meghan’s styling is always described as less classic, but more modern and original. © iImages/Imago
Mit Stars wie Venus Williams und Vogue-Ikone Anna Wintour sitzt Meghan Markle in der Loge beim Tennisturnier in New York
17 / 20 A year later in September 2019, Meghan already has a completely different standing. Son Archie is born, with stars like Venus Williams (then 39 years) and Vogue icon Anna Wintour (then 68) she is now in the same box. The native American cuts a fine figure at the tennis tournament in New York. ©John Palmer/Imago
Prinz Harry und Meghan Markle besuchen die Endeavour Fund Awards im Mansion House in London.
18 / 20 Now everything fits in with social standing: the style, the hair, the attitude, the mood – the ducal couple is once again attending the Endeavor Fund Awards, this time in Mansion House. Meghan seems to be finding herself and her own style more and more. But behind the scenes it was seething. About a year after this recording, the two finally went private on April 1st. © Doug Peters/Imago
Prinz Harry und Meghan Markle im Jahr 2022: Die Herzogin glänzt von Kopf bis Fuß in Weiß gekleidet am Rande der Invictus Games in Den Haag.
19 / 20 Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in 2022: The Duchess shines in white from head to toe. Her style is copied many times, her hair has long since become her trademark. © Sem van der Wal/Imago
Meghan Markle steht nach dem Dankgottesdienst zum 70. Thronjubiläum von Queen Elizabeth vor der St. Paul’s Cathedral.
20 / 20 On the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s throne, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan attended the thanksgiving service with the Royal Family. In addition to Zara Tindall (41) and Harry’s extensive relatives, the Duchess now made a flawless appearance. The relationship is still tense, but at least with the classy chic, Meghan no longer has a problem. The former series actress has finally become the Duchess of Sussex. © Doug Peters/Imago

Montecito – Whatever the Duchess of Sussex wears, it soon becomes a styling tip on Instagram and usually sells out quickly. But before she rose from the heavily made-up series star to the fashion Olympus, Meghan Markle (40) also had some more or less fashionable missteps that she would have been better left alone.

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