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Meghan Markle reacted so "unapproachably" when she had to wait for a table in the restaurant

Created: 10/26/2022 7:13 am

In his book, the former maître of a trendy New York restaurant reports on his prominent customers. Prince Harry’s wife Meghan Markle was also with him. Apparently it’s not a good memory.

New York – In Michelin-star restaurants, celebrities seem to show their true colors quickly. In any case, Michael Cecchi-Azzolina knows a few such stories and has summarized them in his new book “Your Table is Ready: Stories from a New York Maître D”. Meghan Markle (41) also visited him in the New York restaurant Le CouCou . His impression of her was lasting, if not pleasant.

Meghan arrived 20 minutes early with her companion and had to wait for the table

Cecchi-Azzolina, who ran the French star restaurant in the Big Apple for two and a half years, met the then “Suits” actress in 2017. According to the Daily Mail , the meeting went as follows: The actress and her companion showed up 20 minutes before their reservation. The table was still occupied. When they were offered to sit at the bar while they were waiting, a scene ensued.

Meghan’s companion was quite angry: “Are you aware that my guest is with Prince Harry (38) and will soon be a duchess? Don’t you have a private area we can wait in?” The couple had only made their relationship public a few months earlier.

Meghan reports in the Variety interview about the death of Queen Elizabeth II. (96, † 2022)

It is still unclear when exactly the prince found out about his grandmother’s death, and Meghan’s wife cannot clarify that either. But she says it was a difficult time, and reflects on the days and weeks that followed: “It was a difficult time, but my husband, who was always an optimist, said, ‘Now she [the Queen] is back with her man united'”.

The former Maître des Le CouCou almost laughed, he reports

Meghan Markle ließ andere für sie die Ansagen machen, als sie auf eine Tisch im angesagten New Yorker Restaurant Le Coucou kurz auf ihren Tisch warten musste (Fotomontage).
Meghan Markle had others make the announcements for her when she had to wait for her table in the trendy New York restaurant Le Coucou (photomontage). © Paul Edwards/dpa & Instagram Screenshot @Le CouCou NY

Michael Cecchi-Azzolina reacted calmly. “My first impulse was to laugh,” he writes in his work. “I didn’t give a shit about Prince Harry’s date.” He replied: “This is where the most powerful people in the world come from – nobody really cares about you”. He describes Meghan Markle as “unapproachable” during the encounter. According to his report, she just stood by and didn’t say a word.

At least that has changed. Because Meghan is now raising her voice in many ways, such as in her last Spotify podcast or in the big Variety interview, in which she also revealed that she would like to cook Bolognese sauce with Prince Harry if her two children Archie (3 ) and Lilibeth (1) were in bed. Sources used:, Instagram @Le Coucou, NY

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