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Meghan Markle wants to prevent her father from testifying in the lawsuit with her sister

Created: 10/12/2022, 7:05 am

It’s getting close: Can Duchess Meghan still prevent father Thomas Markle from testifying in the legal dispute with her half-sister?

Montecito – With her half-sister Samantha (57), the Duchess of Sussex (41) didn’t exactly hit the jackpot. The relationship couldn’t be worse. The first daughter of Thomas Markle (78) published a disclosure book about Prince Harry’s wife (38) and took her to court. The reason: Meghan Markle (41) would have spread lies about her family. A legal dispute should clarify the fronts, the statement of the father could weigh heavily.

Meghan’s “difficult childhood” a false self-portrayal of the Duchess?

The former “Suits” actress rose to fame as a paralegal, but now she’s fighting back in court. Her depictions in the interview with Oprah Winfrey (68) and in the book “Finding Freedom” of the unauthorized biography Omid Scobies (41) and Carolyn Durand growing up in poor conditions annoyed her half-sister, who also asked for clarification to set things right court did not shy away.

Meghan Markles Anwaltsteam versucht zu verhindern, dass Vater Thomas Markle eine Aussage macht. In einem Interview mit Channel 5 2020 hatte er das Verhältnis zu seiner Tochter Meghan aus seiner Sicht dargelegt (Fotomontage).
Meghan Markle’s legal team is trying to prevent father Thomas Markle from testifying. In an interview with Channel 5 in 2020, he presented his relationship with his daughter Meghan (photomontage). © picture alliance/dpa/Alaska TV/Channel 5 | & Andrew Parson/Imago

The timing couldn’t be worse for the mother of two: Samantha’s attorneys are reportedly planning to have Thomas Markle testify under oath between October 5 and 21, according to The Mirror. Meghan is now trying to prevent lawyers from questioning her father until a decision is made on whether to dismiss the lawsuit.

Meghan’s lawyers as of June 2022:

There was no reason to involve a judge, Meghan’s lawyers said in the report. The apparent lack of facts should invalidate the lawsuit.

“We do not use a jury to determine whether two people are ‘close’ or whether someone genuinely feels they ‘grew up as an only child,'” Meghan’s filing reads. “Courts are unable to rule on the legality of a person’s feelings about their childhood and their relationships. Nor should they be.”

Meghan Markle continues to defend herself against her half-sister’s defamation lawsuit

The legal dispute Meghan vs. Samantha is teeming with confused backgrounds and changing content of the complaint. Basically, Meghan’s statement from a March 2021 CBS interview sums up the point of contention well: “I grew up as an only child, everyone who grew up around me knows that – and I wish I had siblings”. She hasn’t seen Samantha in almost 20 years, the California native added. It is also a fact: only Meghan’s mother came to the wedding. The fact that Samantha does not rest could also be motivated by the urge for self-expression.

If Thomas Markle were to testify, Meghan’s lawyers argued, it would just be an “unnecessary spectacle.” It also said it was “a waste of the parties’ time, money and resources.” Samantha Markle should not be allowed to coerce Meghan and potentially numerous other parties to expend significant resources on third-party disclosure while a motion, which could end the entire case is pending.”

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