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Melanie Müller's ex has a new girlfriend: she was a candidate for "daughter-in-law wanted"

Created: 8/11/2022 5:04 am

Katharina Kahmann bei „Schwiegertochter gesucht“, zusammen mit Mike Blümer bei Instagram
Mike Blümer and the former “daughter-in-law wanted” candidate Katharina Kahmann are newly in love © RTL + & Instagram: mikebluemer

Mike Blumer is newly in love. After the love of reality star Melanie Müller, he now presents the new woman at his side. And she’s no stranger.

Leipzig – After fourteen years of relationship and their two children, Mia Rose (4) and Matty (2), Melanie Müller (34) and Mike Blümer (55) announced their separation in November 2021. Months of media mudslinging followed.

Mike Blümer awarded again after separation from Melanie Müller

While Melanie Müller presented her new partner with Andreas Kunz (52) in March 2022, Mike remained silent for a long time. Until now – because now the manager is also freshly in love. In his Instagram story, the 55-year-old posts a photo that shows him with his new girlfriend.

Bei „Schwiegertochter gesucht“ kämpfte Katharina Kahmann um das Herz des Luxemburgers Ben
Katharina Kahmann fought for the heart of Luxembourger Ben © RTL+ on “Daughter-in-law wanted”.

You can see Mike on the Harzbahn on the way to the Brocken. In his arms he holds a blonde, fully tattooed woman whom he looks at lovingly. “Thank you for your kind congratulations,” he comments on the picture. What trash TV fans immediately notice: Mike’s companion is no stranger.

Katharina Kahmann was already looking for the man of her dreams for “Tommy-in-law wanted”.

Before she met Melanie Müller’s ex-husband, Katharina Kahmann (29) looked for her dream man in “Daughter-in-law wanted” in 2021. However, the spark between Ben (23) from Luxembourg and the then black-haired supermarket saleswoman from Leipzig did not want to fly. After only two episodes, the “dog mom”, as she calls herself on her Instagram profile, had to pack her bags and travel back to Saxony.

In Mike Blümer, however, Katharina Kahmann seems to have finally found her dream man. What do you think Melanie Müller says about it? So far, the Ballermann singer has not publicly commented on her ex’s new relationship.

Things are finally going well again for Kerstin Scholz when it comes to love affairs. The “Bauer sucht Frau” star is now moving in with her new boyfriend Peter. Sources used:;

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