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Men pushed in front of tram – woman has to go to psychiatry

Created: 08/25/2022, 1:30 p.m

Frau soll nach Schubsern vor Stadtbahn in Psychiatrie
The 23-year-old has been on trial since August 17 for attempted murder. © Friso Gentsch/dpa

A 23-year-old has to be permanently in a psychiatric ward because of attempted murder and dangerous bodily harm. She had pushed passengers in front of trams. According to the expert, she hears voices giving her orders.

Bielefeld – The regional court in Bielefeld sent the young woman who pushed waiting passengers in front of trams in Bielefeld six months ago to a psychiatric ward. She was sentenced to detention on Thursday for two counts of attempted murder and dangerous bodily harm. The 23-year-old therefore has a severe psychosis and must be accommodated because she is still dangerous to the general public.

She scared the city, said the judge, referring to the actions in February and March. The attacks came as a surprise to the people at the tram stop. The 23-year-old pushed two men off the platform. A 21-year-old suffered serious head injuries in the impact – according to an expert, however, things could have turned out worse and the student could have landed in front of the train. A 29-year-old crashed sideways into the light rail, fell back and was physically unharmed. In a third case, a 40-year-old noticed the attack in good time and opposed the young woman. In this case, the allegations against her were ultimately dropped.

23-year-old apologizes

“I would like to apologize for my actions,” said the 23-year-old on Thursday. Already at the beginning of the process she had admitted two of the pushers. According to her own statements, she could not remember one of the incidents.

The judge said the woman was ready for placement. She is under a lot of pressure herself and has often injured herself over the years. According to an assessor, she has a psychosis and hears voices giving her orders. She also consumes cannabis and amphetamines – but according to the expert there is much to suggest that the psychosis is not caused by this consumption. The accommodation is generally unlimited, but the requirements for this are reviewed annually. The verdict is not yet legally binding. dpa

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