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Men's fashion in autumn and winter: the noble is in the detail

Created: 09/21/2022 Updated: 09/21/2022, 4:52 p.m

Zwiebellook ist angesagt
“Layering” is trendy. The classic onion look not only keeps you warm in autumn and winter. It also allows for the color combinations of white and black that are trending this season, as can be seen here at Belstaff (jacket approx. 1,595 euros, trousers approx. 195 euros, pullover approx. 250 euros, outer jacket approx. 225 euros, shoes approx. 375 euros ). © Belstaff/dpa-tmn

Can it be a little fancier? When it comes to menswear this season, the answer is quite clear: yes. But comfortable elements remain. This is what you can expect this season.

Berlin/Frankfurt – Get off the couch, but please stay relaxed. This is how the fashion trends for men in autumn and winter can be summarized. Because: “The casual is becoming chic,” says the fashion journalist and author Bernhard Roetzel.

Fabrics shine and shimmer, sweatwear and jogging suits are on the decline. But men don’t have to say goodbye to comfort this season.

The urge to get out, the thirst for adventure

“We are now coming from a long time in which we were often at home, partly also due to the situation of the pandemic,” says fashion analyst André Bangert from the magazine “TextilWirtschaft”. “And now we’re just breaking out of those clutches a little bit. This urge to go out, to experience something, the spirit of adventure will of course also influence the fashion and looks for autumn.”

According to Bernhard Roetzel, the trend is towards an old acquaintance from the 90s: smart casual, which means elegantly casual. This style can be seen, for example, in a practical and casual down jacket, which is given an elegant effect by a metallic effect. “So that you can see the noble in detail,” says the fashion expert.

André Bangert gives another example: The shirt has a “silky appearance”. There are “flowing fabrics that are gaining ground in the fashion sector.” Also on display: bloused cuts and velvety fabric qualities.

At the same time, this contributes to another fashion trend: “Menswear dares to push back more and more boundaries and also sips on the feminine,” says Bangert. The fashion journalist finds: “It enriches menswear tremendously.”

This also applies to other must-haves of the season: “Rings, gold chains, small chains with smart outfits, somewhat more rustic, thick chains with urban outfits.” Bracelets are a subtle alternative. The only important thing is that they have to be filigree.

Now the other way around: Pull the shirt over the sweater

Where sweatshirts and hoodies were combined with jeans in previous years, knitwear is now more common. Because it is “simply a bit more valuable, dressed up, a bit more chic,” says fashion analyst Bangert. It is combined with an overshirt, for example. “Beyond the knitting, that means a shirt that can do a bit more than other shirts.” So it’s thicker, made of flannel, for example, and can also be had as a jacket replacement.

Strick auf dem Vormarsch
Knitwear is increasingly replacing hoodies and sweatshirts, as in this combination example from Digel. For the trendy layered look, the turtleneck pullover is simply combined with a waistcoat and jacket (jacket approx. 300 euros, turtleneck pullover approx. 130 euros, trousers approx. 110 euros, shoes approx. 170 euros). © Digel/dpa-tmn

When it gets colder: simply pull on a jacket. Because layering, i.e. the classic onion look, remains a trend.

For the fashion analyst Bangert, a piece that made its appearance last winter is right at the forefront: the turtleneck sweater. Namely “as a combination partner for a jacket or outdoor jacket”. What’s new is that it can also be in black this season.

Black is making a fashion comeback

Because Bangert and Roetzel agree: black is experiencing a renaissance this autumn and winter. The “new chic” and going out again in the evening, “that plays Schwarz into the cards,” says Bangert. But unlike in the past, it’s not just because of that, monochromatic black outfits are a thing of the past. “Now you really often see black mixed with colors,” says Roetzel.

Rollkragen neu kombiniert
The turtleneck sweater remains trendy. What is new is that it is now often combined with black. Here is an example from Gant (leather shirt approx. 600 euros, turtleneck sweater approx. 150 euros, chinos approx. 160 euros). © Gant/dpa-tmn

In general: The natural tones from the summer remain. However, “in darker facets”, as Bangert says. “Brown tones, earthy tones, deep dark green tones” in other words. The blue that is so popular with men is now getting strong alternatives.

Wide leg is coming

If you want to snuggle back into your jogging suit with so much chic, you can rest easy. The cuts stay relaxed – and even go a step further. The wide silhouette is trendy. According to Roetzel, voluminous down jackets are just as much in demand as wide-leg trousers, which can also be pleated.

If you don’t want to venture into wide legs yet, the tapered shape is a good choice. The pants, “which are cut a little more relaxed at the top, especially at the bottom, and then taper down”, were already present in the summer and are also at the forefront for Bangert this season.

The bucket hat becomes weatherproof

This autumn and winter, men will be storing their wallets, smartphones and the like in small shoulder bags, which will increasingly replace fanny packs, says Roetzel.

To keep your head warm, you can use a piece that already attracted attention in the summer: the bucket hat with a foldable brim, commonly known as a fisherman’s hat, has become widespread, says the author. For the winter, for example, they are simply made of thicker or rainproof functional or wool fabrics. dpa

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