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Meta Connect: know the details of the next Meta event

Virtual conferences to show off new products are already the norm in the technology world and Meta doesn’t want to be left behind. The company announced its Meta Connect 2022 conference, where it will showcase new products related to its metaverse build.

When will the Meta Connect 2022 be?

The company confirmed through a statement that the conference will take place on October 11 at 12:00 noon (Central Mexico time).

Meta Connect is the most important event for Mark Zuckebreg’s company, as it explores the construction of the metaverse, as well as the future of projects related to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Last year, this event grabbed the headlines worldwide, as it was the stage where Zuckerberg announced the change of the company’s name from Facebook to Meta, while this edition will offer “a look at what is to come in the near future and far”.

What will be shown at this event?

Although the company did not give many details in its publication, Zuckerberg himself had already talked about the products that they are going to show in this edition of Connect. Last month, during a podcast interview, he said a new VR headset from his Oculus Quest brand will be released.

Among some of the features it has teased is the ability to do eye and face tracking for a greater sense of reality in Mixed Reality-based metaverse experiences.

Also, this gadget is expected to have a higher resolution screen and to be more expensive than the current Oculus Quest devices, whose prices also recently increased by $100.

On the other hand, it is expected that there will be more updates to the virtual world of Meta, Horizon Worlds, because a few weeks ago the CEO also talked about innovations for this space, as well as for the avatars that are used in it.

In addition to the main conference, the event will bring together other tech industry leaders to share experiences developing apps for the AR and VR metaverse.

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