Mark Zuckerberg

Meta grows 1% and continues to be affected by Apple's policy

Mark Zuckerberg's company also reported profit losses and slight growth in daily active users.

Meta VS Apple: the competition of technology companies to build the metaverse

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, criticized the Cupertino company for wanting to form its metaverse on its own.

Facebook wants to polish up its image with a new name

Explosive revelations have recently hit Facebook badly. Now a new name is said to help realign Mark Zuckerberg's tech giant.

Ken Burns: Legendary filmmaker railed against "public enemy" Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook and its founder Mark Zuckerberg are repeatedly criticized. Documentary filmmaker Ken Burns attacks him sharply in an interview.

You can have your WhatsApp account on up to four devices

Mark Zuckerberg confirmed this news during a conversation, where it was also detailed that it will be available in a public beta version within two months.


Gallery: Dovizioso's 15 victories in MotoGP

Andrea Dovizioso has announced that he will end his MotoGP career at the San Marino Grand Prix in a month.

How many subscribers does each streaming platform have?

The war of the apps that entertain users has intensified, and in this second quarter of 2022 some companies have added what others lost.

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