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Meta to launch its Star Trek-style smart glasses in 2024

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg wants to present the first version of his augmented reality (AR) smart glasses in 2024 and for the launch to be “an iPhone moment “, that is, a memorable event for society.

Zuckerberg has previously spoken of his ambition to create a virtual world where humans can work, socialize and play , and his company’s long-awaited augmented reality glasses are part of this vision.

This is how Zuckerberg sees his future augmented reality glasses: as a device that will change everything; glasses that will modify the way we interact with the technological universe, allowing users to play or work with virtual humans in the style of Star Trek.

Of course, for now, Meta does not yet have a functional and portable prototype of its AR glasses, but a stationary demonstration like someone playing chess virtually.

Be that as it may, the company intends to release several generations of augmented reality glasses, with the first model due for release in 2024 , followed by a lighter, more advanced design by 2026 and a third, much improved and slimmer version in 2028.

The metaverse is an increasingly palpable commitment by companies. In this aspect, we are presented with the futuristic idea of virtual environments where users can work, socialize and play and could become the successor of the Internet.

The first version of Nazare is designed to work independently of a mobile phone with the help of a phone-shaped wireless device that downloads parts of the computing necessary for the glasses to work.

One of the key features of this future device will be the ability to communicate and interact with other people’s holograms through the glasses, which Zuckerberg believes will, over time, give people a more immersive experience than the video calls they’re used to. we are used to it.

The CEO of Meta believes that these glasses, called Project Nazare, would represent a way out of the control of Apple and Google, which together dictate the terms that applications such as Facebook must comply with on mobile phones.

The augmented reality glasses, which will weigh 100 grams (four times more than normal glasses), will work independently of smartphones, but with the help of a portable and wireless device for their operation and, of course, They will have their own operating system for both software and applications.

Because the technology is so new, it will initially be aimed primarily at developers and not the average user.

Reference: META / FACEBOOK

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