NewsMeteorologist predicts change in weather for March – "Really...

Meteorologist predicts change in weather for March – "Really a bit too much of a good thing"

Apparently, the weather in Germany is currently going from one extreme to the other. The next change should be pleasant.

Wiesbaden – Anyone who is morally exhausted in the face of the series of storms, fears the heating costs, is fed up with their winter clothes, or all of them: There is good news when it comes to the weather. They come from qualified meteorologist Dominik Jung. “The spring nozzle is in full swing,” he announces in his February 22 YouTube video. I beg your pardon?

Yes indeed. Jung is presenting the current European and US models, which last up to March 8 – and they largely agree. Incidentally, the German Weather Service (DWD) also predicts something similar for the turn of the month, namely “mild, mostly rain-free weather”.

In the first week of March, precipitation is to be expected “from time to time” – “but of course it won’t be snow at these temperatures,” says Jung. This “growth weather”, as Jung calls it, is also “very nice” for the plants.

Voller Biergarten in München am Kleinhesseloher See in der Februar-Sonne 2022.


Brave beer garden visitors in the middle of February – like here in Munich – could be tempted again by the weather at the beginning of March.

Meteorologist for Shrove Monday: “Relocations would have great weather”

Specifically, Jung expects 10 to 12 degrees. In his video, you can see the sadness that this year the Rose Monday parades are largely canceled due to Corona: “The parades would have great weather – if they took place.” Because up to 18 degrees could be reached on the Lower Rhine.

What are the reasons for the now rising temperatures? A high following the lows over the Atlantic. At the turn of the month, this creates a “high-pressure bridge” across Central Europe. “We’ll have some lows on our doorstep, but they won’t get through,” says Jung.

First week of March in Bavaria: According to the forecast, up to 20 degrees possible

Incidentally, Jung’s prognosis applies equally to the north, west, east and south of Germany. According to the forecast, the highest outliers are in the west at up to 18 degrees, and in the south there are “individual runs that almost reach 20 degrees”.

But Jung also qualifies that from Ash Wednesday there will be occasional colder air masses from the north-east and there will be occasional precipitation. This is normal for the time of year. Because: “End of February, beginning of March – already 18 degrees?” Asks Jung, purely rhetorically. “That’s really too much of a good thing.” (frs)

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