Tech UPTechnologyMexican pride! TEC students win contest in the metaverse

Mexican pride! TEC students win contest in the metaverse

Mexican talent in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers is increasingly coveted by technology companies. So much so that, on average, these races

For this reason, companies and universities are investing to train students through competitions. On this occasion, six Mexican students were the winners in two categories of an international competition.

Next top Metaverse Build: the contest where Mexicans triumphed

Tania Olvera, Diego Gaona, Julio González, Brenda Pintor, Mariana Meza and Mario Reyes are Tecnológico de Monterrey students who participated in the international competition “Next top Metaverse Build”, organized by the company Renovi, the NFT’s marketplace for architects and designers , and sponsored by different organizations, such as Decentraland.

This contest is a virtual development marathon and at the same time an accelerator program for entrepreneurs and builders within the metaverse, where young people faced more than 160 projects of educational and professional level in four categories: architecture, freestyle, spaces for events and exhibition.

Tania, Diego and Julio participated for the last category and obtained the first place for having developed the proposal of a virtual gallery for the sale and exhibition of NFT’s (non-expendable assets for its acronym in English), which are unique digital content, backed with a blockchain certificate of authenticity.

“It is a gallery inspired by nature, embedded in a rock that is illuminated by its own roots surrounded by water. Inside, users will be able to experience optical illusions with audiovisual simulations that incorporate elements of lighting, sound and three-dimensional effects for a better interaction with the NFTs that float and move”, mentioned Tania.

On the other hand, Brenda, Mariana and Mario developed “”, with which they won fifth place in the architecture category and fourth place in freestyle. They proposed to create spaces within their own metaverse, dedicated to preserving people’s memories, stored and materialized within a catalog of NFTs.

Promotional video of “Adaraverse”.

Investment in STEM careers: the lowest of the decade

Although the students are excited to have won the contest, Mario mentioned that the support they received was mainly from their teachers, Carlos Pascal, José Cruz and Víctor Betanzos, but the support to continue developing the project has stopped.

This is an example of the consequences of the, because in 2021, only 49,963 million pesos were allocated for this item, the lowest figure in a decade.

These numbers only represent 0.2% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), a proportion that is far from complying with the precept that article 119 of the General Law of Education indicates, of allocating 1% of the GDP for the cost of higher education and the scientific and humanistic research, as well as technological development and innovation, according to the Center for Public Finance Studies of the Chamber of Deputies.

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