EconomyNew job skills in a world without borders

New job skills in a world without borders

(Expansion) – The world changed with the pandemic and organizations too. Now the Human Resources departments are not only more agile, flexible and digital, but they have also turned their strategy around and seek to attract and retain those who meet certain skills that we could not even imagine two years ago.

The trend points towards a multicultural talent, with a high level of relationship, disruption, willingness to constantly and accelerated learning, skills to work from anywhere in the world and ease of time management.

It also contemplates mastery of new methodologies that can change the dynamics of the business (such as agile, that is, speed and flexibility), a high degree of adaptability, updating knowledge that adds value to the business, and understanding of it.

Although the above is already a must , the focus on the client, a high degree of responsibility, quality in decision-making and courage are still present on the radar of recruiters; that is, courage or courage to face the challenges of everyday life.

What about basic skills such as languages, parcel delivery or use of tools for work? Are they part of the past? No way! Only now we see them as an essential part of the profile and organizational culture.

In this context, it is important that organizations become aware of this new vision of competencies and the Human Resources areas remember that each candidate is a unique and unrepeatable being, so even requiring the same standard of competencies is out of place, do you agree?

The other side of the coin

Just as recruiters are looking for the best talent for organizations, people also want to join the Top Companies or those companies that make them feel valued and cared for.

Faced with this panorama, it is time for organizations to make changes and carry out actions not only to be visible to talent, but to be perceived as a true magnet.

One way to start is to aim for flexibility. It has been seen that the organizations that do so not only adapt better to market changes, but also overcome challenges imposed by the environment and gain a reputation among their stakeholders .

It is necessary to eliminate old paradigms and apply open door policies and active listening, where flexible leadership is prioritized to develop competitive work teams, with spaces that stimulate their maximum potential. At the same time, an environment of inclusion and diversity must be guaranteed, where there is also a high degree of social responsibility.

Obviously, there are topics that remain at the top of the most desired organizations, such as offering benefit schemes where the candidate and collaborator feel unique and appreciated as a human being and as a professional, as well as “tailor-made” professional development plans. ; that is to say personalized, disruptive, competent and innovative.

Last but not least, is the professionalization of the branch, considering that each action or omission in the process of attracting, selecting and retaining talent has consequences on the performance and viability of the business.

Let’s make a difference! The skills of today may not be the same as those required tomorrow. It is in our hands to attract and retain talent in a more open, human, connected and available way.

Editor’s Note: Roxana Aguirre is People Director at Sodexo Benefits and Incentives Mexico. Follow her on . The opinions published in this column belong exclusively to the author.

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