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Mexico, its food and technology: Why does it matter that in Coppel the cheapest stove with oven costs 6,299 pesos

To know the history of humanity, you only need to see its ovens. These are possibly one of the oldest kitchen items in the world. From the Egyptian and Babylonian ovens to bake bread, to the pre-Hispanic floor ovens – or pib- in Mexico. Today, these have become highly technological and sophisticated appliances that reflect the way society wants to feed itself.

This week, LG introduced its new InstaView smart cooktops , which seem to be more robot-chefs than cooktops. They no longer only serve to cook and heat food; They also have air fryers, a grill, a traditional gas oven, gas burners and, true to their time, they also have Artificial Intelligence so that they can be controlled from an app called LG ThinQ.

Technology is changing eating habits

As a result of the new gadgets, all gastronomy worldwide is evolving, especially the Mexican one. Before we used metate and molcajete. Today hardly anyone uses the metate, not even people in rural areas. The molcajete still… but we use the blenders and even in the blenders there are levels,” shared Lula Martín del Campo, a Mexican chef.

Technology adapts to the needs of society and Daniel Aguilar, communication director of LG in Mexico, added that they identified two main needs in the population that they sought to solve with these stoves: shorten cooking times and healthier eating.

“Many do not have enough time to do what they would like to do and are looking to make better use of their time. These devices free you”, he adds. For example, if you want to watch a movie with your friends and family while some chicken wings are cooking, you no longer have to supervise them all the time. From an app you control everything.

Del Campo agrees that these devices are “liberating” and even represent a feminine revolution. “Before, it was understood that women could only be housewives for all the time it involved. Just cooking and doing the laundry took you all day. But now, with so much technology, we have freed up a lot and we don’t spend as much time at home anymore.” She also shares that these devices have diversified gender roles and that those who decide to spend time in the kitchen do so for pleasure.

On the other hand, Aguilar mentioned that health is an issue that is becoming important for all consumers and that is why they implemented an air fryer inside the device, so that cooking can be done without the need for oil.

“There is a segment of the population, especially the youngest, that is more aware of what they eat, because they are interested in sustainability, that their diet is responsible and healthier,” Del Campo shared.

Kitchen gadgets… for everyone?

The data shows that not all households in Mexico have a refrigerator. This is according to the National Survey on Energy Consumption in Private Homes (ENCEVI), which revealed that of the 32,047 homes surveyed, 72% had a refrigerator and only 43% had a stove.

In Coppel, the cheapest refrigerator costs 15,999 pesos, which would represent 63 minimum wages. The cheapest stove with oven is priced at 6,299 pesos, equivalent to 25 minimum wages.

These are the days that a Mexican would have to work, with minimum wage in Mexico, to be able to acquire the following gadgets:

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