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Michael Wendler wins in court: This is how he protects Laura Müller's privacy

Created: 09/24/2022 7:32 am

Michael Wendler recently went to court – but this time as a plaintiff: In order to keep the great fortune with his wife Laura Müller as private as possible, the hit star sued a private filmmaker. He lost out in the process.

Bonn/Cape Coral – Actually, Michael Wendler and Laura Müller have largely withdrawn from the public eye, only here and there do the couple still contact their followers on social media. But the pop star and his loved one did not seem to be granted the desired privacy: a private filmmaker had published the couple’s new address – and therefore received a letter from the court!

Michael Wendler and Laura Müller’s residence secretly filmed – hit star draws consequences

Perhaps Michael Wendler could have matured into one of the biggest German hit stars of all time, but the 50-year-old decided to go a different way: After he spread crude conspiracy theories and left his creditors in Germany without having achieved anything, his best days seem to be numbered. With influencer Laura Müller, she enjoys private happiness far away from Germany, in Florida, USA, all the more.

Schlagerstar Michael Wendler mit Ehefrau und Influencerin Laura Müller (Fotomontage)
Schlager star Michael Wendler sometimes goes to court for his Laura: the 50-year-old has now obtained an injunction against a private filmmaker in front of a Bonn court (photomontage) © Screenshot/Instagram/Laura Müller & Future Image/Imago

But the last few weeks at the Wendlers have apparently not been that private: Although the couple has only recently moved, a German tourist found out the address of the two – and shared it publicly in a video, which was also shared by some, not exactly friendly Statements made to the spouses. Since the clip has been online, Michael Wendler and Laura Müller are said to have increasingly received unwanted visits from onlookers.

Skowronek, Norberg or Wendler – what is the real name of the hit star?

Under the name Michael Wendler, the pop singer is probably well and badly remembered by most. But this is just a pseudonym. The 50-year-old was born Michael Skowronek, but took on his stage name, which is now well known far and wide, at the beginning of his career. During this time he also met his manager and later wife Claudia Norberg. After marrying her in March 2009, he also took her last name – and carries it to this day, although the divorce followed in 2020. As is well known, the pop star now has a new woman by his side: Laura Müller. By the way, since the wedding in June 2020, she has also had the surname of his ex-wife.

Michael Wendler is suing private filmmakers – this is how the hit star protects his wife Laura Müller

Initially, the former “Goodbye Germany” emigrant demanded that the video be withdrawn out of court, but because the private filmmaker did not react, Michael Wendler went to court in Bonn. There the 50-year-old obtained an injunction against the man from Bornheim in North Rhine-Westphalia, about an hour’s drive from Dinslaken, the birthplace of the hit star.

The clip violated the right to informational self-determination, the court said. In the event of an infringement, the accused must expect a fine of up to 250,000 euros. But even far away from the court, the pop singer and his lady of the heart continue to make headlines: Laura Müller recently made a strange token of love to her Michael Wendler. Sources used: German Press Agency,

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