NewsMichigan: Parents of gunman indicted and on the run...

Michigan: Parents of gunman indicted and on the run from police

A 15-year-old first shoots four people at his school in Michigan. The boy’s parents are then charged, but evade arrest.

Michigan – The 15-year-old boy shot four people at a school. The act had shaken the USA * and the world. Shortly after the boy was arrested, US authorities also brought charges against the parents. The judiciary is accusing Jennifer and James Crumbley of negligent homicide on four counts. The responsible prosecutor Karen McDonald announced on Friday. But the parents evaded arrest and are currently on the run from the police.

As far as we know, it was the boy’s father who bought the murder weapon with him four days before the rampage. The mother of the perpetrator is said to have described the weapon, a semi-automatic pistol, on online platforms as a “Christmas present” for her son, as prosecutor McDonald said.

Michigan: Parents of the Oxford gunman on the run

Now he and his wife have gone into hiding. The whereabouts of the Michigan gunman’s parents are unknown. In addition to the local police forces, the FBI is also involved in the search for the two people. “We’ll have her in custody soon,” Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said, according to AFP. “You cannot shirk your responsibility in this tragedy.”

The couple’s 15-year-old son opened fire on his classmates at his school in the small town of Oxford, north of Detroit, on Tuesday. He killed four young people aged 14 and 17 and injured seven other people. After the attack, the boy was arrested without resistance and was subsequently charged, among other things, with quadruple murder and terrorism. According to adult criminal law, the teenager should be tried. He faces life imprisonment.

Michigan rampage: Parents ignored numerous clues

According to the state of the investigation, there had already been several suspicious signs in the boy’s behavior. For example, the 15-year-old was invited to a conversation with his parents by the school administration because drawings with violent fantasies had been discovered on his desk. “The thoughts don’t stop. Help me, ”read next to a picture of a pistol. In addition, Crumbley had drawn a cartridge and a corpse, along with the message: “My life is useless”.

The conversation took place on the day of the rampage. However, the parents refused to bring their son home. The 15-year-old then returned to class. He later took out the pistol he had hidden in his backpack in the school toilet and opened fire. According to the police, the 15-year-old had recorded a video on his cell phone the evening before the crime, which announced the attack for the next day.

Charges brought against parents of Oxford gunman

“The idea of parents reading these words and knowing at the same time that their son had access to a deadly weapon that they gave him is outrageous and I think it’s criminal,” said District Attorney McDonald. She also accused the parents of not checking that the teenager had the gun with him.

According to the prosecutor, the charges against James and Jennifer Crumbley are intended to “hold those who contributed to this tragedy accountable and to send a message to gun owners that they have a responsibility.” (dil / afp)

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