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Microsoft resurrects Word clip after killing it in Teams

Microsoft has announced that it will bring back the mythical Clippy (the nice clip that appeared in the first versions of Word , and that has evolved) to Microsoft Teams, after resurrecting it two years ago and eliminating it a few days later on that same platform.

The reason for this cruel murder was that many users, through social networks and specialized forums, expressed their discomfort that Clippy appeared on their screens every time they opened the text editor. For this reason, Microsoft decided to eliminate it forever , although in return another army of nostalgic users asked that it be resurrected. In addition, Clippy is part of Microsoft’s identity, since it has been present in its Office suite from the first versions.

Microsoft removed it and now resurrects it

Perhaps many do not remember, but Clippy had several faces , it was not always a clip. The user could customize the appearance of the text assistant, and make it, for example, take the shape of a light bulb, or the head of Einstein himself. Microsoft has announced that Clippy will soon be available after the update that contains a sticker pack in Microsoft Teams , which includes many different versions of the clip, with new gestures and faces, something very similar to the stickers we see on WhatsApp, for example.

“Yes, it is true, Clippy has agreed to reverse his retirement and return to us!” Microsoft explains from its website, confirming Clippy’s return to Microsoft Teams. “Whether you loved it or hated it, Clippy is back with a retro sticker pack in Teams.” Of course, the most nostalgic users celebrated the news, while those who hated it were quick to ask on social networks if the update would give the opportunity to deactivate Clippy so they never have to see it again.

The new pack of retro stickers looks a lot like the ones that a team of Microsoft workers created for Teams more than two years ago. Microsoft developers were quick to shut down the project, and a company source at the time revealed that “brand police” within the company weren’t happy that Clippy had appeared in Microsoft Teams as well.

Clippy was born in the Office version , back in 1997, politely offering suggestions for using Microsoft’s text creation and editing software. People responded in a very polarized way to the interruptions from Clippy, which is why his work as an Office assistant came to an end in 2001 with the version of the Office suite for Windows XP.

Even then, Microsoft had been reluctant to keep Clippy in its Office or Windows products. However, and after much internal debate, Clippy has now returned to replace the standard clip emoji in Windows 11, and has become part of the new Teams backgrounds and now stars in a sticker pack in Microsoft Teams.

Of course the reactions are just as polarized as ever, which is why behind Clippy’s return are staunch defenders and relentless detractors.

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