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Microsoft's Edge browser is now available on Linux

Microsoft is preparing to release an updated version of its Edge browser for Linux operating systems, and the company has announced that it will most likely be available before the end of November. While the preview versions of Edge for Linux have been available for over a year, the official launch that will take place this month will confirm that Edge is fully compatible with Linux, with regular updates from the company’s official channels.

Edge now available for Linux too

If you were already running preview versions of Edge on Linux, you can now download the latest version by running the apt install microsoft-edge-stable command. On the contrary, if you have Linux and you want to install the Edge browser on your computer, all you have to do is go to the official Microsoft website and click on the installer that is available. It goes without saying that Edge for Linux is completely free, and that you will have the option to install the updates that the brand periodically releases.

Many Linux users currently use browsers such as Chrome or Firefox, but Edge is a less used option that has the advantage of working on devices where Chrome is not fully supported (as is the case with Linux operating systems). Microsoft has also added a number of privacy features to Edge to limit tracking and cookies based on individual user preferences, and the Linux version of Edge shares most of the same features that are available in Windows as well. on Apple Macs.

Compatibility is the key

A year after releasing the first preview version of its Chromium-based Edge browser for Linux, Microsoft announces its full availability for this operating system. The new version is fully compatible with a wide variety of proprietary Linux products, including Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and openSUSE.

The release of Edge for Linux has also allowed the browser to now also be available on platforms such as Android . As it did when introducing the new Edge on macOS, Microsoft has included its browser in Linux more as an offer for professionals and developers who want to test its functionality when browsing the Internet, than as a browser for users more at home. However, any user of any supported platform can use the new Edge.

Edge for Linux was released in preview earlier this year. Microsoft Edge for Linux is like Edge for Windows and macOS, which means that you won’t miss any features (apart from IE mode, which Windows requires). You will be able to synchronize all your bookmarks, passwords and form data, in addition to adding extensions, just as it happens with browsers like Chrome.

Microsoft’s version of the browser starts with Edge 95, which includes improvements to the experience of downloading files from the web, the ability to pick up where you left off in PDF documents, and a new efficiency mode for when your laptop enters sleep mode. battery saving.

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