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Minimum wage, compulsory vaccination and fuel discount: These are the changes in August 2022

Created: 08/05/2022 09:36 am

In August 2022 there will be some innovations. The 9-euro ticket is about to expire, students are to receive more money and gas is to be saved: an overview of the changes.

Berlin/Brussels – July brought numerous changes for consumers. In addition to a pension increase and an entitlement to a basic pension, there were also changes to income tax in July. Many changes will also come into effect in August. Those affected include employees, but also children and students. Our editorial team gives you an overview of the most important changes and innovations in August 2022.

In addition to an increase in the minimum wage and a change in the compulsory measles vaccination, there should also be more transparent employment contracts and more student loans from August 2022. In addition, the gas emergency plan comes into force. August is also the last month in which the 9-euro ticket is valid, and the fuel discount is also expiring.

Changes in August 2022: 9-euro ticket and tank discount expire, new EU directive comes into force

The last month in which the 9-euro ticket is valid begins with August. In view of rising prices, citizens should be financially relieved and can use all public transport and regional transport trains nationwide for nine euros a month from June to August inclusive. The tank discount should provide further financial relief. In August, consumers can benefit from the lower fuel prices for the last time, because from August 31, fuel is expected to become more expensive again.

These are the changes in August 2022 at a glance:

9-euro ticket and tank discount are running out From September, refueling and train travel will be more expensive again
More transparent working conditions new EU guideline comes into force in August
Bafög rates are increasing Students, pupils and trainees should get more money
Gas contingency plan comes into effect more gas is to be saved from August
Measles vaccination is mandatory without restrictions all people who come into contact with other people in community and health facilities are required to be vaccinated
Minimum wage increases in some sectors some professional groups should earn at least 13.35 euros per hour from August
Establishing GmbHs becomes easier From August 2022 there should be the possibility to found GmbHs online
Streaming service is getting more expensive The subscription to the streaming provider DAZN should cost almost twice as much as before from August

On August 1st, a new EU directive is also to come into force, which is intended to strengthen the rights of employees. The directive on transparent and reliable working conditions therefore stipulates which information and documentation obligations employers must comply with. In addition, newly hired employees must be given the main terms of the contract in writing before they start work. In the future should also clearly more contract terms are to be recorded in writing, the so-called “proof of evidence” is intended to ensure this.

Changes in August 2022 – Bafög reform and gas emergency plan come into force

For students, trainees and schoolchildren who receive Bafög, there are also some innovations from August 1st, because the Bafög rates are to increase by almost six percent. In addition, Bafög recipients who do not live with their parents are entitled to higher allowances and higher housing allowances.

Ein Mann betankt an einer Tankstelle sein Auto.
There are some changes coming in August 2022. In addition to the increase in the minimum wage in some industries and the entry into force of the gas emergency plan, the fuel discount will also expire in August 2022. (Iconic image) © Daniel Reinhardt/dpa

Due to the energy crisis, the EU countries want to use less gas from August 2022. The gas emergency plan in response to the Ukraine war stipulates that member states will voluntarily reduce national consumption by 15 percent between August 1, 2022 and March 31, 2023. The EU wants to take precautions in the event that Russia cuts off gas supplies completely.

Changes in August 2022 – Measles vaccination requirement and minimum wage

The Measles Protection Act has been in effect in Germany since March 1, 2020. People who were born after 1970 and come into contact with other people in community and medical facilities must provide proof of the measles vaccination by July 31, 2022. From now on, cleaning staff or employees in trades who work regularly over a longer period of time in medical practices, clinics or schools, for example, are also affected by the mandatory vaccination requirement.

In addition, the minimum wage for certain occupational groups is to be increased in August. After the fundamental increase in the minimum wage in July 2022, there will be more money in some sectors in August before the further planned increase in October. This applies, for example, to employees in the stonemasonry and stone carving trades. From August 2022, they should earn at least 13.35 euros per hour.

Changes in August 2022 – GmbH formation online and more expensive streaming services

Also on August 1, 2022, the law implementing the Digitization Directive will come into force. Certain types of companies should therefore also be able to be founded online in the future. In the future, those interested in founding a GmbH (limited liability company) or an entrepreneurial company will no longer necessarily have to appear in person at the notary. The formalities can also be clarified in an online meeting.

Another innovation in August 2022 provides that the streaming service DAZN will be significantly more expensive. A subscription to the streaming provider should therefore cost around twice as much as before. It will also be more expensive for existing customers. A monthly subscription had previously cost EUR 14.99, with the changes in August 2022 it will be EUR 29.99 per month. (Helena Gries)

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