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Mirco Nontschew (52) is dead: New details seep through – Amazon reacts to "LOL" rumor

Comedian Mirco Nontschew (52) is dead. The colleagues mourn, the investigation is ongoing. Amazon now responded to “LOL” rumors. The news ticker.

  • Comedian and actor Mirco Nontschew died at the age of only 52. Even days later there are still questions unanswered. (See first report)
  • Amazon has now commented on rumors about “LOL” in connection with Nontschev’s death. (see update from December 6th, 8:25 p.m.)
  • Comedy colleague Carolin Kebekus honors Nontschew as “Germany’s greatest comedian”. (see update from December 7th, 10:53 a.m.)

Update from December 7th, 10:53 am: After the surprising death of Mirco Nontschew, Carolin Kebekus has now spoken out as the first co-candidate of “LOL: Last One Laughing”. “Mirco leaves a ditch. Nobody can do what they can. He was just an exceptional talent and was incredibly nice, ”said Kebekus in an interview with spot on news .

Nontschew, who became known through the comedy show “RTL Saturday Night”, will keep her in mind as “one of Germany’s greatest comedians”.

Born in Berlin, who, according to Bild, was regarded by his colleagues as a feared opponent because of his class, she also experienced her funniest moment during the filming of the third “LOL” season. When Nontschew improvised a song with Anke Engelke, “all with a blonde wig and its crazy noises”, she “almost pissed herself”, said Kebekus.

After Mirco Nontschew’s death: New details seep through – Amazon reacts to “LOL” rumor

Update from December 6th, 8:25 p.m.: Mirco Nontschew’s death is currently shocking Germany. The cause of death remains a mystery. The picture is said to have confirmed to the police that both suicide and third-party negligence can be ruled out.

The comedian had just returned to the spotlight with the Amazon show “LOL”. The picture even reported a stay in a clinic after the show (see update from December 5, 9:30 p.m.). It was only a few weeks ago that Amazon finished filming the third season – with Mirco Nontschew. An Amazon spokeswoman for RP-Online is now quoted as saying that the planned broadcast in spring 2022 will be held. A broadcast in the coming days is not feasible for production reasons. No postponement is planned at the moment.

Mirco Nontschew is dead: Bully also reacts

The spokeswoman also denied the portal that they wanted to cut Nontschew from the third season of “LOL”. The show is an “ensemble show in which people interact with one another. That would not be possible at all ”.

“LOL” host Michael Bully Herbig has meanwhile also expressed his grief over the death of his colleague. On Instagram he wrote about a black and white picture of Nontschew: “You made people happy. We shed so many tears of laughter because of you! Today’s tears, on the other hand, are bitter and painful! The show must go on … for you Mirco! “

Update from December 6th, 8:52 am: More and more details about the death of Mirco Nonchev come to light over time. The cause of death of the star comedian is still not clear. As the picture reports, citing the police, there is no evidence of third-party negligence or suicide. As it is further reported, the police now want to clarify the cause of death of the TV star by autopsy.

It was also reported that the filming of the Amazon Prime series “LOL – Last One Laughing” had a negative impact on Nontschew (see update from December 5, 9:30 pm). In the meantime, the police confirmed to Focus Online that they had been alerted on Friday around 4 p.m. and then discovered a dead 52-year-old in an apartment building – presumably this was Nontschew.

Mirco Nontschew is dead: what we know so far

Update from December 5th at 9:30 pm: The comedy show “LOL – Last One Laughing” was the surprise of the year 2021 for many viewers and one of the last big appearances for Mirco Nontschew. While it was just plain entertaining for the audience, some of the participants suffered from the effort of holding back laughter for hours. Because what the audience did not see: The six episodes (one hour each) of a whole season were recorded in one go, there was only a short break in between, according to the BILD newspaper.

Mirco Nontschew reported to the BILD newspaper in April that he had to vomit for three days after filming the LOL and received infusions in the hospital. His colleague Max Giermann told the Süddeutsche Zeitung that he had a crying fit after the recordings in the hotel had. For Barbara Schöneberger, on the other hand, it is “as bad as possible! And at the same time maximally funny ”was not to be allowed to laugh for so long.

Update from December 5, 3:49 p.m.: Still nothing is known about the cause of death of Mirco Nontschew. The 52-year-old was found dead in his apartment on Friday, reports the picture and refers to a report by the police. It goes on to say that a 52-year-old man was found lifeless in his Berlin apartment. Bild claims to have found out that it was comedian and actor Mirco Nontschew.

The report’s relatives sounded the alarm because they couldn’t reach the 52-year-old by phone for days. The police had arrived, but no one opened the door even when the doorbell rang several times. Accordingly, the fire brigade had to open the door. The man’s body was then discovered inside the apartment.

As reported by “ Bild am Sonntag ” with reference to police circles, investigations into the cause of death have been initiated, but there is nothing to suggest that someone has acted or committed suicide. However, according to the newspaper Nontschew allegedly recently had a hospital stay behind him. However, this has not been officially confirmed. Only one thing is clear: colleagues, friends and family will probably mourn the loss that has now been confirmed for a long time to come.

Update from December 5, 1:38 p.m .: New details about the death of comedian Mirco Nontschew have come to light. As the star reports, an emergency call was probably received by the fire department on Friday around 4 p.m. The rescue workers arrived shortly afterwards in the district of Berlin-Lankwitz, where Nontschew is said to have lived in an apartment. Because no one answered the doorbell, officers from the fire department opened the door to where they are said to have found the body of a 52-year-old. Not least, Bild am Sonntag and suspect Mirco Nontschew in this man.

Colleagues mourn Mirco Nontschew

Update from December 5, 12.35 p.m .: More and more colleagues are saying goodbye to comedian Mirco Nontschew *, who died at the age of 52, online. In a touching video, actress Esther Schweins plays “Amazing Grace” on the harmonica and says goodbye with the words “Dear Mirco, you were the most talented man I have met in my life” on Instagram. Together with Nontschew, Schweins once became famous on “RTL Saturday Night”.

“RTL Saturday Night” colleague Tommy Krappweis had a say on Twitter and quoted Wigald Boning as parting: “Once per broadcast, God pointed to Mirco and said, ‘You are now the funniest person in the world for 3 minutes’.”

Mirco Nontschew is dead: RTL changes schedule

Update from December 5, 10.15 a.m.: The private broadcaster RTL also mourns the death of comedian Mirco Nontschew. “With Mirco Nontschew, the German comedy scene is losing one of its biggest and most popular stars,” writes the station on its website. To honor the comedian, RTL wants to broadcast a special on Nontschew’s life and work on Sunday (December 5th).

“In memory of Mirco Nontschew, who died at the age of 52, RTL broadcasts a 40-minute special program“ In Liebe an Mirco Nontschew ”with the best scenes from“ RTL Saturday night ”to commemorate the unique comedian. Then several ‘Best of RTL Saturday Night’ episodes will be repeated until early in the morning, ”the website says. Nontschew had become famous with “RTL Saturday Night”.

Police investigate Mirco Nontschew’s death: first details leak

Update from December 5, 8.29 a.m.: More and more details about the death of comedian Mirco Nontschew are known. As reports, it was probably the relatives of the deceased who sounded the alarm after they had not heard from him for days. So you tried to reach Nontschew by phone, but couldn’t get him on the phone.

It is still not clear what the 52-year-old died of. According to information from Bild am Sonntag and Focus, the police started the investigation into the cause of death online, but there were no signs of third-party negligence or a suicide. Nontschew is said to have recently stayed in a clinic.

Update from December 4, 4:48 p.m.: Now the German press agency confirms the death of Mirco Nontschew. Image had previously reported about it.

Mirco Nontschew schwarzweiß


Comedian Mirco Nontschew died at the age of only 52.

Mourning the star comedian: Mirco Nontschew died at the age of only 52 – the police are probably initiating an investigation

First report from December 4, 2021:

Cologne – He became famous for making others laugh. Now fans and friends are crying for the star comedian from “RTL Saturday Night”. Nonchev died last week at the age of only 52, reports the Bild . His manager Bertram Riedel had confirmed this and asked for consideration for the family of the deceased. The actor leaves two daughters.

Mirco Nontschew was only 52 years old – the police are initiating investigations

Mirco Nontschew (r.) mit dem Team von „RTL Samstag Nacht“


Mirco Nontschew (right) with the “RTL Saturday Night” team.

Nontschew became famous through the 90s cult program “RTL Saturday Night” (1993-1998). Most recently he made his audience laugh in Michael Bully Herbig’s Amazon Prime series “LOL – Last One Laughing” *. For this purpose, the shooting for the new season, which is to be broadcast in 2022, has just ended.

“A 52-year-old was found dead in the apartment building yesterday afternoon. A death investigation has been initiated, “the BZ quotes a police spokeswoman who spoke to the portal. A cause of death is therefore not known.

Fans mourn Mirco Nontschew – “Have a good trip, Mirco”

“Once per broadcast, God pointed to Mirro and said, ‘You are now the funniest person in the world for 3 minutes” (Wigald Boning). Have a good trip, Mirco. Make ’em laugh. ”These are the touching words with which Nontschew’s“ RTL Saturday Night ”colleague Tommy Krappweis expresses his grief.

Fans of the comedian are also shocked. “I am shocked and shocked,” writes one user. A fan is stunned: “For me he was the king of the junk. I just had to see him and started to smile. I will miss him very much. “

“He was important to me, his death much too early shocks me a lot,” writes Michael Kollatschny, Managing Director of ZDF Digital Medienproduktion.

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Picture list: © Frank Zauritz / Prime Video / dpa

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