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Mirco Nontschew Autopsy: According to the manager, the result of the cause of death is clear

Speculations about Miroco Nonchev’s death. Manager Bertram Riedel has now shared an alleged result of the autopsy on the cause of death. Is that correct?

Berlin – Exactly one week after the surprising death of Mirco Nontschew, the autopsy results are finally providing at least some clarity. The comedian died of natural causes. “That’s the reason for his premature death,” said his manager Bertram Riedel to “Bild”. Nonchev was found dead in his apartment on December 3. – After that, speculation about the cause of death did not stop and became more and more absurd. What is now known – and what is not.

comedian Mirco Nonchev
Born October 29, 1969, East Berlin
Deceased 2021, Lankwitz, Berlin
Manager Bertram Riedel

The date for Mirco Nonchev’s funeral has now been set. Meanwhile, however, more and more colleagues like Kaya Yanar are speaking out about Nonchev’s death*.

Autopsy result on Mirco Nontschew’s death: what has already been clarified about the cause of death – and what has not

The statement by Nonchev’s manager on the autopsy results ended, at least temporarily, some of the public speculation about Nonchev’s death. Although the exact cause of death remains hidden from the public, the autopsy is said to have confirmed that the popular comedian Mirko Nonchev died of natural causes. Rumors of external influence or suicide could have finally been history. The police had previously more or less ruled out both causes of death. Since the final autopsy result is not yet available, a natural death cannot be confirmed with certainty.

“He died of natural causes.”

Bertram Riedel, Manager of Mirco Nontschew
Mirco Nontschew gestorben.


Mirco Nonchev’s cause of death has been determined. An autopsy will now clarify this.

Autopsy report on Mirco Nontschew allegedly makes it clear: Murder is not the cause of death

There has even been speculation in the media about a possible murder of Mirco Nonchev. That’s not only unbelievable – it’s just not true. As the police had previously determined, the autopsy report allegedly now clearly proves that external influence is not the cause of death of the RTL and LOL star. However, the result of the autopsy is not yet final: the rumors continue to agitate fans – and cast a bad shadow on the death of the only 52-year-old comedy talent, which is difficult to accept anyway.

Autopsy rules out suicide – is that correct, didn’t Mirco Nonchev die by suicide?

There were also numerous rumors that Mirco Nontschew could have taken his own life. Apparently, this seemed credible to many, especially in connection with alleged depression after or even during the shooting of the Amazon comedy series “Lol”. Nonchev took part in the third season, as the broadcaster announced, it should also be broadcast as planned. On December 8th, RTL Mirco Nontschews showed the comedian again to his grieving audience with the special show “Thank you Mirco”. Now it seemed clear: Mirko Nontschew did not die by suicide, the words of his manager Bertram Riedel suggested. Unfortunately, this has not been clearly confirmed at this point in time, on December 11, 2021.

Mirco Nontschew’s autopsy report is not clear: the comedian’s cause of death is still unclear

It is to be hoped that despite the speculation surrounding the autopsy report on the death of Mirco Nonchev, family and friends can find some peace and strength. Alone: It’s not very likely. Because there is still confusion about the autopsy report – the public prosecutor’s office contradicts the reports currently circulating that the cause of Mirko Nonchev’s death has already been clarified. An exact reason for death is still not known.

Autopsy of Mirco Nontschew not completed – final autopsy report is awaited

At the request of, the public prosecutor’s office in Berlin said: “The death investigation is ongoing.” A final autopsy result is expected in the coming days. So far, only one thing is certain: Mirco Nontschew left us far too early – and he is missing. At around 4 p.m. on December 3rd, firefighters discovered Mirco Nontschew in his attic apartment in Berlin-Steglitz. His family had not been able to contact him for several days beforehand, after which the family called the police. (Transparency note: This article was updated on December 11, 2021 at 2:00 p.m.) * and are offers from IPPEN.MEDIA.

Headline list image: © dpa / Britta Pedersen

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