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Mirco Nontschew: Otto Waalkes reports on the phone call – confusion about the autopsy result

The death of Mitco Nontschew moves the German public. Now the result of the autopsy is probably certain. The news ticker.

  • Comedian Mirco Nontschew was found dead in his Berlin apartment.
  • The exact cause of death remains unclear * – but a friend announces the first autopsy results.
  • Actor colleague Otto Waalkes mourns the loss of Nontschew and describes him as a “natural talent”.

+++ This news ticker has ended – here you will find all further information about the death of Mirco Nontschew +++

Update from December 10th, 10:37 pm: The comedian Mirco Nontschew was back on the big stage in the Amazon format “LOL”. To the delight of his fans, the 52-year-old was also involved in season three after season one. The third “LOL” season was filmed before his death. Now the question arises whether the episodes with the comedian will be broadcast despite the sudden death. According to Bild , Amazon decided to broadcast the third season with its very last appearance in the spring as planned. His “LOL” colleagues are shocked by the unexpected death of Mirco Nontschew. In an obituary notice in the “SZ” they write: “Thank you dear Mirco, you were a great gift!”

Update from December 10th, 7:03 p.m.: Still no autopsy result? The Bunte at least quotes Martin Steltner, press spokesman for the Berlin public prosecutor’s office, as follows: “The investigation into the death of the public is ongoing.” The public prosecutor’s statement contradicts the statement made by Nontschew’s friend and manager Betram Riedel to Bild (see previous update).

Update from December 10th, 5:12 p.m.: Comedian Mirco Nontschew died at the age of only 52 – the cause of death was unknown until now. But now his long-time friend and manager Bertram Riedel reports to Bild that the autopsy has probably been completed. “He died of natural causes. That is the reason for his too early death. ”Riedel has been speaking for the relatives of the TV star since his death.

The image Question whether the comedian died of the consequences of a disease or a heart attack, Riedel declined to comment. “It is important to us that the speculations in the past few days about the death of Mirko Nontschew stop and that the family can mourn in peace.”

Update from December 10th, 2:37 p.m .: Comedy star Otto Waalkes also mourns his colleague Mirco Nontschew, who recently died unexpectedly. As he told in an interview with Bunte, he is said to have asked Nontschew for a TV engagement in his ARD show “Otto Fröhliche” shortly before his death. “I would have loved to have him as Santa Claus. He would have been the top line-up, ”said Otto. But on one last phone call when it came to the Advent show, Nontschew reacted differently than usual, more cautiously. That amazed the comedian. Because Nontschew had starred in several Otto films in the past and was always enthusiastic from the start: “When I wanted to hire him for our film ‘7 Dwarfs – Men Alone in the Forest’ and explain his role to him, he didn’t even have me hear out. He agreed spontaneously. ”His fans can expect to see him again in spring 2022 in the third season of the Amazon series“ LOL – Last one laughing ”*. Filming was completed shortly before his death.

Update from December 10th, 9:39 am : On Wednesday evening (December 8th) RTL ran another special program in honor of the late comedian Mirco Nontschew. With the broadcast, the station landed a ratings hit. According to the media magazine , 2.24 million viewers saw the homage to the artist. The high quota shows once again how popular Nontschew was with his fans and the TV audience. After the special broadcast, several users on Twitter even made a special request to RTL: They would like the old “RTL Saturday Night” episodes to be broadcast regularly, which made Nontschew famous.

Mirco Nontschew: drama colleague Otto Waalkes mourns the loss of a “natural talent”

Update from December 8, 12:16 p.m.: The German comic icon Otto Waalkes expresses himself shocked and sad about the death of Mirco Nontschew. Waalkes couldn’t believe the terrible news at all, said the 73-year-old in the Bunte . Nontschews and Waalkes played side by side in the “7 Dwarfs” films. “With Mirco, a natural talent is lost,” says Otto Waalkes. He describes Nontschew’s acting talent as “a miracle”.

Update from December 7th, 4:18 pm: RTL is now changing its TV program in memory of Mirco Nontschew. On Wednesday, December 8th, RTL will broadcast the two-hour special program “Thank you, Mirco” from 8:15 pm. The aim is to remember the most popular gags and unforgettable appearances of the comedian.

First report from December 7th: Berlin – Comedian Mirco Nontschew died at the age of only 52. And that after he had just stepped back into the limelight in the Amazon series “LOL – Last One Laughing” with Michael Bully Herbig. There are also many question marks around the death. An obituary notice now causes great emotions.

Moving marriage announcement for Mirco Nontschew

“We lost a great colleague and wonderful person. A gifted comedian, who made us all laugh and excited with his many talents ”, with these words Constantin Entertainment and Amazon Studios bid their farewell in an obituary notice published in the SZ . Both production companies were responsible for the new “LOL” series.

The obituary also states:

“Our deepest sympathy goes to Microco’s family and friends. We will carry it in our hearts and it will always put a smile on our faces. “

Constantin Entertainment / Amazon Studios via Süddeutsche Zeitung

Mirco Nontschew was already seen in the first season of “LOL”. In addition, he was most recently in front of the camera for the upcoming third season of the Amazon * series. Filming was only completed a few weeks ago.

“LOL” shoots are said to have been hard hit by Nontschew

The shooting is said to have hit Nontschew badly.

Constantin Entertainment und Amazon Studios veröffentlichten in der SZ eine Traueranzeige für Mirco Nontschew.


Constantin Entertainment and Amazon Studios published an obituary notice for Mirco Nontschew in the SZ.

After season 1, Nontschew is said to have vomited for several days according to a picture report – he is even said to have been given infusions in a hospital. Colleague Max Giermann also described sensitive consequences of the series to the SZ. He spoke of a crying fit. In the series, the comedians are forbidden to laugh – and that while some of the best comedians in Germany are fooling around in one room.

Mirco Nontschew’s daughter will celebrate her birthday in a few days

Despite the death of Mirco Nontschew, Amazon is currently planning the broadcast of the third season in spring 2022 as planned, as a spokeswoman confirmed to RP-Online . An earlier publication is just as impossible as cutting out Mirco Nontschew.

Meanwhile, Mirco Nontschew’s cause of death remains a mystery. According to the picture, the comedian was found dead in his Berlin apartment on Friday. He was only 52 years old. Relatives had alerted the police after they had not reached the comedian for days. The fire department then apparently broke open the door and found the body. According to the report, the police found no evidence of suicide or interference. Nothing is known about any of Nontchev’s illnesses either. An autopsy should now bring clarity.

Nontschew leaves a total of two biological and one step-daughter. He and his ex-wife Melanie had daughter Cheyenne in the late 1990s. The comedian also has stepdaughter Alina. After the breakdown of the marriage, Nontschew met the make-up artist Monique Bredow. With her he had another daughter in 2011, whose name he never revealed and who will be ten years old in a few days. (rjs) * and are an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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