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Mirco Nontschew still not buried three weeks after death: New information about the funeral

Mirco Nontschew († 52) was not buried just three weeks after his death. The comedy star died in early December. Now the date of the funeral should be set.

Update from December 23, 8:42 a.m .: On December 3, the German comedy star Mirco Nontschew was found dead in his apartment in Berlin. The cause of death of the deceased is still not clear. For this reason, the corpse has not yet been released for burial by the forensic doctor (see first report from December 22, 2021). Now, however, Nontschew’s manager Bertram Riedel spoke up again and spoke to RTL about the date of the funeral. Accordingly, the funeral should take place in January, “in the closest family circle”, so Bertram. However, Nontschev’s family does not want to communicate a more precise date.

Mirco Nontschew still not buried three weeks after death – public prosecutors comment on the case

First report from December 22, 2021: Berlin – Mirco Nontschew became a well-known comedy star in the 90s. He won the hearts of viewers with the RTL show “RTL Saturday Night” and is still one of the most successful comedians in Germany. In the years that followed, the comedian made a name for himself in the media industry – starring in series and movies. He was highly regarded by his comedy colleagues. Most recently, he showed himself during the filming of “LOL”. But at the beginning of December there was the shocking news – Mirco Nontschew dies at the age of 52 in his Berlin attic apartment. Now the online portal Bild learned that the comedy star has still not been buried three weeks after his death. The Berlin public prosecutor also explains why.

Mirco Nontschew has not yet been buried: “Death investigation proceedings not yet fully completed”

Again and again there was speculation about the death of Mirco Nontschew. Manager Bertram Riedel, who has been speaking for the family since Nontschew’s death, told Bild that the autopsy had been completed. “He died of natural causes. That is the reason for his too early death, ”said Riedel. However, the cause of death is still not completely resolved: “As the public prosecutor’s office, we would only accompany the proceedings if an outside influence could not be ruled out. That could be ruled out in the case in question. As far as we know, the death investigation has not yet been fully completed, ”said an interview with Bild. The corpse of the comedy star cannot and must not be released for burial without an official certificate from the medical examiner.

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