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Missing bitch comes back home after 7 years – by accident

Maltese dog Sissi has finally returned to her owner Brigitte Bourgoignie after seven years. It was only by chance that they got back together again.

Miami – Regardless of whether as a corona sniffer dog *, sniffer dog that brings back missing pets or as a comforter of the soul – dogs are meant for big things. It is not for nothing that they are said to be man’s best friends. All the worse when the faithful companion suddenly disappears without a trace. A woman from Miami, Florida, had to experience that too. Brigitte Bourgoignie tied her white Maltese lady in front of a supermarket in 2014. When she comes back from the shop, the bitch Sissi has suddenly disappeared.

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country United States
area 170,312 km²
population 21.48 million (2019)

Missing bitch returns after 7 years – by accident

All searches were unsuccessful – the Maltese lady was nowhere to be found. Brigitte kept thinking back to the time when Sissi was still her faithful companion. But she no longer believed in seeing her again. By chance, fortune turned for the better after 7 years. Ultimately, the bitch was able to return to her owner.

Durch einen Zufall kehrte eine Malteser-Hundin nach 7 Jahren wieder zu ihrer Besitzerin zurück.


By chance, a Maltese dog returned to her owner after 7 years.

It is unclear exactly where Sissi was on the street during her time. What is certain, however, is that the bitch made it from Miami further inland to Mississippi. Here, in Ranking County, Kelly Weissinger became aware of the stray.

Over 1,448 kilometers away: Missing bitch is found in Mississippi

According to, Kelly took the bitch to a veterinary clinic. There she was examined and treated for fleas and skin problems. A blood test also showed that the now 14-year-old bitch was weakened but otherwise healthy. A microchip was also found in the veterinary clinic, which Brigitte had inserted before Sissi’s disappearance.

To determine her owner, Kelly posted a photo of Sissi on the Facebook group “Rankin County, MS Lost and Found Pets Only”. After the chip was read, she also contacted her owner in Miami by phone. She could hardly believe her luck. Recently, a Filipino dog owner was overjoyed to see his dog that had been missing for months *.

Missing dog returns after 7 years: Now the owner is writing a children’s book

Thanks to the help of animal lovers, Sissi was able to return to Brigitte. The owner, who works as a children’s book author, now wants to write down the story of Sissi’s disappearance until she returns. To find out where Sissi has been all these years, it would be good to hire the dog interpreter from the Netherlands. But even without a dog language translator: The children in the USA and maybe even worldwide can look forward to a new children’s book soon. *, and are offers from IPPEN.MEDIA

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