NewsMissing! Woman disappeared without a trace: where is Ann-Cathrin...

Missing! Woman disappeared without a trace: where is Ann-Cathrin Thiel?

The police are looking for Ann-Cathrin Thiel at high pressure. The missing person was last seen on Thursday morning. Does the decisive clue come from the population?

Wiesbaden – Where is Ann-Cathrin Thiel? The police in Wiesbaden are asking themselves this question. The 37-year-old woman has been missing since Thursday morning (08/18/2021). The police are now asking the population for help.

Ann-Cathrin Thiel from Wiesbaden has been missing since August 18, 2021. As the police announced, the 37-year-old left her apartment on Thursday (August 18, 2021) on foot at around 9.15 a.m. and has been in an unknown location since then.

According to the police, the missing person is “very bad on foot”. In addition, a possible medical emergency cannot be ruled out. The police describe the missing person as follows:

  • about 1.69 meters tall
  • slim physique
  • shoulder-length black hair
  • dressed in blue sweatpants, gray T-shirt, green sweatshirt with white applications, aubergine-colored sneakers
  • she may have an aubergine-colored backpack with her

The police in Wiesbaden will receive information on 0611/3452440. (Yasemin Kamisli)

People from Wiesbaden are repeatedly reported missing. In the case of a 28-year-old, the police were most recently successful in their search.

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