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Mix E5 and E10? That's what tank experts say about potential savings

Created: 8/18/2022 7:56 am

15 June 2022: Car refueling at a gas station. A man holds a fuel pump with gasoline in his hand, refueling at the pump i
A tank is filled up with Super E5. For many cars, however, a mixture with E10 could also be an option (symbol image). © Michael Bihlmayer/IMAGO

Super E10 is considered a good alternative to classic super fuel. But the mixture of E10 and E5 could also be an opportunity for some drivers to save costs.

Kassel – Fuel prices in Germany are still high and many drivers are looking for ways to keep fuel costs low. Switching to Super E10 fuel could be one way to cut costs. But many motorists still avoid fuel.

Behind the name E10 is a fuel that contains up to 10 percent ethanol. The ethanol can be obtained from plant sources, making the fuel cheaper and less harmful to the environment. The situation is similar with the more widespread E5, also called Super. This contains up to 5 percent bioethanol.

According to the ADAC, a widespread concern when filling up with Super E10 is possible damage to the car. In most cases, however, this is unfounded. In general, almost all vehicles built after November 2010 could use the fuel, writes the ADAC on its website. But even for older vehicles, the chances are good that they could be refueled with E10. Corresponding information could be obtained online or from the vehicle manufacturer.

Super E5 and E10 can also be mixed

And mixing the two fuels E10 and E5 is also not a problem, according to the ADAC. The only requirement is that the vehicle can tolerate Super E10. Alternating refueling with E5 and E10 is also harmless, as the ADAC explains. Focus Online reports that frequent switching between Super and E10 could reduce mileage a little, but is not harmful.

Great (E5) Fuel with up to 5 percent bioethanol.
Super E10 Fuel with up to 10 percent bioethanol. This can also be mixed with E5.
E85 Fuel with up to 85 percent ethanol. This is only suitable for specially equipped vehicles.

Caution is only required with the E85 fuel. Due to its high ethanol content, it is only suitable for specially equipped vehicles.

And that could also reduce the cost of refueling, at least a little. While fuel prices could remain high for the time being with the end of the tank discount, the price per liter of E10 is usually a few cents less than that of Super. (Nils Tilmann)

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