FunMonuments in danger after the Taliban take over Afghanistan

Monuments in danger after the Taliban take over Afghanistan

The Taliban presence in Kabul and in much of Afghanistan remains a worrying situation for the population of the country, but not only that. The cultural heritage of Afghanistan is in danger , since in the past the insurgents already destroyed monuments such as the famous Buddhas of Bāmiyān , so it is now feared that the Taliban regime will destroy other monuments again.

Monuments in danger after the Taliban take over Afghanistan

Indeed, the United Nations cultural agency UNESCO called last week for the protection and preservation of Afghanistan’s cultural heritage , warning that damaging it could only have adverse consequences for lasting peace.

It is only necessary to remember that the Islamic State already finished more than five years ago with the ruins or the temple of Baal, in Palmyra (Syria) and twenty years before, the Taliban blew up the two giant Buddhas of Bamiyan, who had been in niches excavated in the mountains of the valley for centuries.

With the current situation, there are particular fears for the Kabul National Museum, as well as UNESCO World Heritage designated sites, including the Minaret and archaeological remains of Jam and the cultural landscape and archaeological remains of the Valley of Bamiyan.

“Afghanistan is home to a wide range of heritage rich and diverse, which is an integral part of the history and Afghan identity and importance for humanity as a whole, which must be safeguarded,” said the agency in release.

As has happened in the past, UNESCO is convinced that the Taliban can destroy Afghanistan’s cultural heritage in order to destroy the country’s culture, identity and history, but also as a weapon against local populations . In fact, in 2012 the international community recognized the intentional destruction of cultural heritage as a war crime.

Karima Bennoune, UN Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights, has stated that the first thing is to protect the lives and rights of Afghans , something that she considers a “top priority”, but ” Efforts must also be made to ensure security. of all forms of culture and cultural heritage that are essential for the enjoyment of those rights, and to protect those who defend them at the front ” .

That is why an appeal has been made to international cultural and educational institutions to invite Afghan artists, cultural workers and students , especially women and members of minority groups, to their respective countries so that they can continue their work safely.

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