FunMosquito Day: why this day and remedies to relieve...

Mosquito Day: why this day and remedies to relieve your bites

This August 20 is celebrated the day of the mosquito , a species that is increasingly invasive and that could be a carrier of different diseases, which can lead to a new pandemic. Why is there a day for this insect?

It was on August 20, 1897, when the British doctor Ronald Ross discovered which mosquitoes transmitted malaria. And this is why this world day is celebrated to remember this important fact.

Ideas to eradicate diseases caused by mosquitoes

The World Health Organization (WHO) has published new guidelines that establish essential standards to guide the research and obtaining in the future of genetically modified mosquitoes, since this could eradicate diseases that these insects transmit from one place to another, on animals and people.

Apparently and according to the WHO; Malaria and other vector-borne diseases, such as dengue and Zika, affect millions of people around the world.

Each year, malaria takes more than 400,000 lives . If mosquitoes with engineered genomes are shown to be safe, effective and affordable, their use as vectors could become a valuable new tool to combat these diseases and eliminate the enormous health, social and economic burden they represent.

How to relieve mosquito bites?

On the day of the mosquito, it should be noted that such commemoration coincides with a time when mosquito bites are important.

To avoid them, the things that can be done are different. Although, it is best to acquire good repellants that go well against the tiger mosquito, especially that it is becoming more numerous.

Best white clothes

Although it is not so exact, various specialists pay attention to avoiding wearing really flashy colors because this attracts their attention and it may be that they bite us directly for it.

So it is better to wear white or light clothing, and if we can, especially in the afternoon, wear long pants and long sleeves to avoid these bites.

Beware of the light

If we are going to ventilate the house at certain times where we know that mosquitoes can sneak in, it is best to close the lights.

Mosquito nets

In many houses there are mosquito nets that allow air to pass through but not mosquitoes. They are barriers that allow them to not be at home and then bite us at night, something that usually happens quite frequently in these months.

Simple tricks to avoid mosquito bites

We tell you the best tricks to avoid mosquito bites in summer. They are very simple to put into practice.

Rising temperatures will bring mosquitoes with new viruses

A study in the United Kingdom has analyzed the risk of rising temperatures and the arrival of mosquitoes with new viruses.