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Most searched on Google in 2011

google-2010 Google has just released which have been the most searched words by Internet users in 2011 . The ranking is called “Zeitgeist” – which means “the spirit of the times” – and is the result of the analysis of the most frequent search terms around the world during the year.

In general, in searches in Spain, social networks have the greatest role. “Facebook”, “Tuenti” and “YouTube” were the three most frequent search terms in Spain , followed by “Hotmail”, Microsoft’s free email. Also interesting is the list of searches that grew the most in 2011 compared to previous years, where “Elecciones 2011” stands out in first position, followed by “Bankia”, “Catch a million”, “Whatsapp”, “Dukan Diet” and ” Game of Thrones”. For his part, “Gaddafi” was the character that generated the most searches on Google in 2011.

In Google News, the most searched terms were “Ortega Cano”, “Libia”, “Nueva Rumasa”, “Japan”, “Marta del Castillo”, “Fukushima” and “Gaddafi”. And worldwide, “Fukushima” and “Iphone 4s” were the most used words in the search for current news.

In food, the term “Dukan Recipes”, in relation to the hyperprotein diet of the same name, was the most searched in Spain. And when it comes to travel destinations , Maui beach tops the list, followed by Ghent, Eurodisney, the Fiji Islands and the Bermuda Islands.

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