Funmost widespread myths about hotels

most widespread myths about hotels

Larger, all-inclusive and even smaller and cheaper. There are many types of accommodation, as well as more widespread myths about hotels . Let’s look at some of the most prominent ones. For example, the damn rooms according to the number and even confidential data that the key card that you use to enter the room can carry.

Let’s see some of the most prominent and that swarm through some hotel websites. You must acknowledge them before you think they are still true.

Hotels always have one or two rooms available

This is also said of restaurants. It has ever happened to us that we try to book through a website or the same as the hotel’s and it tells us that there are no reservations available, although we call and there are rooms. This is something to discover.

But, according to the Skyscanner portal, hotels are not usually sisters of charity or leave unoccupied rooms waiting for someone in need of a hotel room to arrive at dawn.

Now, a hotel, in order to look good with its most exclusive clients who may appear at a certain time, usually keep one or two rooms.

The myth of room number 13

We have seen in the movies that hotel rooms number 13 are surrounded by mysteries and it is believed that in many accommodations this room has been removed. But it is not true, they are not eliminated because it is a fact that it can disorient your clients when it comes to finding their room and it is not something very practical.

On weekends, the rooms are more expensive

Skyscanner reveals that this is another myth because hotel prices are governed by the basic fundamentals of supply and demand. If the hotel is half empty because it is a weekend in February, the room price will be very low because there is no demand.

A better room or free if you say you are coming on a honeymoon trip

Another of the most widespread myths about hotels is when you say that you come on a honeymoon trip and the hotel gives you the stay. This is false. It will be the same cost, unless the hotel itself has a reference to the couple , a gift or another. Well, many travelers falsely arrived saying that they had just gotten married to be able to go for free.


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