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Motorized surfboards, to the rescue!

More than 400 people drown each year in Spain, and seven out of ten drownings occur in natural settings such as beaches. These are data from a study by the Mapfre Foundation that highlights the existence of a problem that is accentuated in summer, with the massive influx to the coasts.

Many of these accidents happen through recklessness or ignorance, and it is very difficult to foresee them. But not so much to act quickly, if the lifeguard on duty has a motorized surfboard to reach the person in danger and bring them back to land.

The seventh salvage

Jetson , a Spanish surfboard company founded in 2012 by Íñigo Barrón and Ramón Silva, has created two models of motorized boards designed for sea rescue. They are the product of months of research and development in collaboration with the European rescue and rescue champions, Itziar Abascal and Iván Cazorla.

Lightweight and with high buoyancy, they have an aid for the most critical moments: a turbine located at the rear and powered by a lithium ion battery that gives two hours of push if surfing at low speeds. That extra power can be key in drowning cases, where a few seconds mark the border between life and death.

The rescue Jetson come in two models: Rescue, designed for extreme situations and very fast performances; and Patrol, a slightly wider and heavier board, excellent for standing up and paddling water patrols, or for kneeling paddling.

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