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Mourning for Queen: New dress code low blow for Prince Harry – “seems intentional”

Created: 09/21/2022 10:03 am

The Queen will be buried on Monday. Before that, there is a state dinner for the royal family. Harry and Meghan are not there – Harry even experienced a second low blow at the palace.

  • The Queen is dead : Queen Elizabeth II will be buried on Monday
  • Low blow for Harry: At the wake his uniform is not complete.
  • Confusion about the state dinner: Meghan and Harry are said to have been unloaded again
  • This ticker has ended . More news about the farewell of Queen Elizabeth II.

Update from September 19, 12:06 p.m .: Unlike the wake, Prince Harry is not allowed to wear a military uniform at the Queen’s funeral. However, there had also been problems at the wake because the Queen’s initials had been removed from his uniform.

At the funeral, Prince Andrew and Harry are not allowed to wear a uniform. Both came in suits. Background: Only active members of the royal family are allowed to wear uniforms. For Harry, who had served for a long time and, according to his own statements, also saw his commander-in-chief in the Queen, this was a hard blow.

Update from September 18, 6:50 p.m.: US President Joe Biden paid his last respects to the late Queen Elizabeth II. Accompanied by his wife Jill, Biden visited Westminster Hall in London on Sunday and paused on a gallery. Biden crossed himself in front of the Queen’s coffin. Previously, EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and Spain’s King Felipe VI. bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth II in Westminster Hall.

joe biden jill biden queen elizabeth ehre sonntag abschied
Joe Biden, the President of the USA, and First Lady Jill Biden pay their last respects to Queen Elizabeth II on Sunday. © picture alliance/dpa/PA Wire | Joe Giddens

New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern wants to abolish the monarchy in New Zealand

Update from September 18, 4:03 p.m .: The sympathy for the death of Queen Elizabeth II is huge. The British Ministry of Culture had to call on people on Sunday not to queue for the British Queen’s coffin in the kilometer-long queue “to avoid disappointment.” Previously, hundreds of thousands of people sometimes waited over half a day to say goodbye – including also former soccer star David Beckham. He said he had queued at 2 a.m. and then waited 13 hours to pay his last respects to Queen Elizabeth II. “I’ve been very fortunate to have a few moments with Her Majesty in my life,” the football star told ITV.

David Beckham queen elizabeth ii ehre warteschlang schlange sarg
Footballer David Beckham paid his last respects to Queen Elizabeth II on Friday. For this moment, he waited in line for her coffin for about 13 hours. © IMAGO/ROGER HARRIS/UPI Photo

Heads of state from all over the world also gathered in London over the weekend to bid farewell to the British Queen. Charles III first received the New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern for an audience on Sunday. This indicated the challenges facing the royal family: she expects New Zealand to abolish the monarchy “while I’m still alive,” Ardern told the BBC. US President Joe Biden wanted to pay tribute to the late Queen on Sunday and visit her coffin laid out in Westminster Hall. In the evening there is a reception by King Charles III. planned for Biden, Japan’s Emperor Naruhito and other officials and dignitaries. The Queen’s state funeral is on Monday.

Disappointment for Prince Harry: Significant initials “ER” are missing from his uniform

Update from September 18, 12:50 p.m .: For Harry, one disappointment after the other seems to follow after the death of the Queen. On Saturday evening, September 17, Queen Elizabeth II’s grandchildren held a guard of honor at the monarch’s coffin. Harry wore his uniform, but with one crucial difference to William. The Queen’s initials “ER” were missing. They were removed from his uniform. Traditionally, the initials are only worn by active members of the royal family. Harry resigned from his royal duties with the move to the United States.

Harry und William hielten am Samstagabend eine Ehrenwache am Sarg der Queen. Harry durfte die Initialen „ER“ nicht mehr tragen.
Harry and William held an honor guard at the Queen’s coffin on Saturday night. Harry was no longer allowed to use the initials “ER”. © Screenshot live stream

What is explosive, however, is that Andrew, who also no longer works as an active royal, was allowed to wear the initials at his vigil on Friday. Harry’s disappointment is believed to be centered around Prince Andrew, the DailyMail reports . “He [Harry] is heartbroken. Removing his grandmother’s initials seems intentional,” a friend of Harry’s told the newspaper. The Queen’s grandson is said to have even considered showing up for guard duty in a simple suit to avoid embarrassment. There had even been a rule change in favor of Harry and Andrews after the funeral march.

Unlike his brother William, Harry (37) had always worn a suit at previous official appointments. Despite his service in Afghanistan, withdrawing and wearing the military uniform has become a political issue since Meghan Markle (41) and the Duke of Sussex bid farewell to the royal family. He was now allowed to wear the uniform for the wake – but apparently only without the Queen’s initials.

Im Juni 2019 trug Harry die Initialen an seiner Uniform noch (Archivbild).
As of June 2019, Harry still wore the initials on his uniform (stock image). © pool/Imago

Ministry of Culture warns queue in front of Queen’s coffin: “Don’t drive off anymore.”

Update from September 18, 11:50 a.m .: The British Ministry of Culture called on Sunday not to queue for the Queen’s coffin. “To avoid disappointment, stop driving to join the queue,” the ministry tweeted. A decision should be made during Sunday as to when the line will close. Until Monday at 6.30 a.m. (local time) those waiting can still say goodbye to the Queen’s coffin.

To avoid disappointment, don’t drive off to join the queue.

The British Ministry of Culture on the queue outside Westminster Hall

The state funeral will take place around noon. The British news agency PA reports that it will be broadcast live in around 125 cinemas across the country and in some cathedrals. A large screen is to be erected in Holyrood Park in front of the Royal Palace in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Queue in front of Queen’s coffin is getting longer – local residents distribute tea and coffee

Update from September 18, 10:45 a.m .: New people are still queuing in front of Westminster Hall to stop in front of the Queen’s coffin. In the Borough of Bermondsey, where the line is currently starting, residents distributed tea and coffee to the new arrivals on Sunday morning. According to current government information, they have to wait at least 13.5 hours – at least in dry and sunny weather.

The queue will be closed over the course of Sunday so that everyone waiting can get to the Queen’s coffin in time and say goodbye. On Monday morning at 6.30 a.m. (local time) the “lying-in-state”, as the several-day lay-out in the British Parliament in London is called, should end.

Camilla delivers emotional message to late Queen – ‘I will always remember her smile’

Update from September 18, 9.30 a.m .: Thousands of British citizens have been saying goodbye to the Queen in Westminster Hall for days. The king’s wife Camilla has now also paid tribute to the queen in an emotional video message. The British news agency PA quoted from the video message before it was broadcast:

King Consort Camilla’s words to the late Queen

“She was always part of our lives,” said the wife of Britain’s new King Charles III. She is now 75 and can’t remember anyone else at the top, Camilla said.

“She had these beautiful blue eyes that lit up her whole face when she smiled,” Camilla said of the Queen. “I will always remember her smile. Your smile is unforgettable.”

Charles III., der neue König des Vereinigten Königreichs, begrüßt das Volk von Wales bei seinem ersten offiziellen Besuch mit Queen Consort Camilla in den Houses of Parliament in Cardiff.
Charles III, the new King of the United Kingdom, greets the people of Wales with Queen Consort Camilla at the Houses of Parliament in Cardiff on his first official visit. © IMAGO/Ximena Borrazas

Queen Funeral: Will George Attend Monday’s Public Funeral Service?

Update from September 18, 9:10 a.m .: The Queen will be buried in a large state funeral on Monday. One million visitors are expected, according to Transport for London. Representatives from all over the world are also invited to the funeral service.

However, there is speculation as to whether nine-year-old George will also take part in the public celebrations for his great-grandmother. As the DailyMail reports, senior palace advisors have asked William and Kate to allow George to attend. He is now second in line to the throne after William. His participation would have a strong symbolic impact on the populace for the future of the monarchy.

However, nothing seems decided yet. Whether William and Kate will show George’s grief to the public remains questionable. The Prince of Wales spoke about the aisle behind his grandmother’s coffin as it was brought to Westminster Hall last week. It reminded him of Diana’s funeral. William was 15 at the time. He described the procedure as “one of the most difficult things he’s ever done,” according to the DailyMail . Nine-year-old George is said to have had a close relationship with the Queen.

George war zuletzt beim Thronjubiläum der Queen im Juni häufiger in der Öffentlichkeit zu sehen gewesen (Archivbild).
George was last seen more often in public at the Queen’s jubilee in June (archive image). © Aaron Chown/dpa

Queen’s funeral: Ambulance has to treat hundreds of injured mourners in line for Westminster Hall

Update from September 18, 8:15 a.m .: Leaders from all over the world are gathering in London this weekend to say goodbye to Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II. Among the high-ranking visitors who paid their last respects to the monarch at her coffin in Westminister Hall proven, included Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Australian Prime Minister Antony Albanese and New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. The Queen’s state funeral is on Monday. US President Joe Biden also arrived in London on Saturday evening. He is expected to visit Westminster Hall with the monarch’s coffin on Sunday. And Japan’s Emperor Naruhito and Empress Masako also arrived in London on Saturday.

On Sunday evening, the new King Charles III. received dozens of foreign officials and dignitaries at Buckingham Palace. On Monday, the funeral service will take place in Westminster Abbey with more than 2,000 invited guests. Germany will be represented by Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Hundreds of thousands of citizens have been parading past the coffin of the Queen, who died at the age of 96, since Wednesday evening. The mourners accepted gigantic waiting times of at times more than 24 hours.

According to the London Ambulance Service, 435 people waiting had to receive medical treatment by Saturday – often with head injuries as they passed out and fell. Westminster Hall with the Queen’s coffin will remain open to the public until Monday morning at 06:30 a.m. local time (07:30 a.m. CEST).

Update from September 18, 00:04 : US President Joe Biden has arrived in Great Britain, where he wants to pay his last respects to the late Queen Elizabeth II. The US presidential plane Air Force One landed at London Stansted Airport. Biden is expected to visit Westminister Hall on Sunday, where the Queen’s coffin is laid out. He is also expected to inaugurate the new King Charles III on Sunday. meets.

Queen’s funeral: Charles probably invites Harry and Meghan from the state dinner

Update from September 17, 8:12 p.m .: Confusion about the state dinner in honor of the Queen on Sunday! The royal family reunites at Buckingham Palace on the evening before the monarch’s funeral. Not present: Harry and Meghan (see initial message below), as the event is officially only for “working royals”. Allegedly, the two were not invited. But now the Daily Mail is reporting on new, explosive developments.

Accordingly, Harry and Meghan are very well from King Charles III. invited to the state dinner. However, the two are said to have been unloaded later by the king. Buckingham Palace officials are said to have insisted that only “working royals” be invited. In the English media, a communication problem can be read as the reason.

Harry und Meghan trauern um die Queen. Beim Staatsdinner am Sonntag vor der Beerdigung sind die beiden aber wohl außen vor.
Harry and Meghan mourn the Queen. At the state dinner on the Sunday before the funeral, the two are probably left out. © Ben Stansall / dpa

Before Queen Elizabeth’s funeral: state dinner probably without Meghan and Harry

First report: London – The whole of Great Britain mourns the death of Queen Elizabeth II. After the death of the monarch, London is now heading for what is probably the biggest media event of the year: the funeral of the long-time regent. In Germany, too, the funeral ceremonies will be broadcast on a number of TV stations on Monday. All information about the funeral of the Queen can be found here.

Queen Elizabeth is dead: Now her youngest son Prince Edward speaks up

Eight days after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Edward is now speaking in detail for the first time. In a statement released on the British royals’ website, they said: “We have been overwhelmed by the emotions that have flooded us and the number of people who have made every effort to express their love, admiration and theirs To express respect for such a special and unique person who was always there for us”.

In a short video that the royal family tweeted to accompany his words, the Earl of Wessex and his wife Sophie, Countess of Wessex light candles for his late mother.

Queen’s funeral on Monday: Prince Harry receives uniform exemptions – but is barred from attending an event

Of course, the time of mourning should be particularly difficult for her family. King Charles III already has to take care of a number of obligatory events in the middle of the national mourning period. However, the new regent was not completely free of scandals in his first day as monarch. Among other things, a ballpoint pen caused a stir about King Charles. Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, who are of course also in London on this sad occasion, are also being watched particularly closely these days.

There has been much speculation about the mood between Harry and his brother William. The relationship between the two has been strained since Harry’s royal retirement. For Queen Elizabeth, however, the two are said to have put their differences aside. Nevertheless, Harry still seems to be a bit on the sidelines in the circle of the royals. Among other things, it was first said that he was not allowed to appear in uniform at the funeral on Monday because he was no longer an active member of the royal family. For him and Prince Andrew, who is also publicly criticized, a uniform exception should now be made. Meanwhile, there are no exceptions at another special event in the run-up to the funeral.

Prinz Harry und seine Frau Meghan erweisen Königin Elizabeth II. die letzte Ehre, während der Sarg aufgebahrt steht.
Prince Harry and his wife Meghan pay their last respects to Queen Elizabeth II while the coffin is laid out. © Christopher Furlong / dpa

King Charles III hosts state dinner in honor of the Queen – Meghan and Harry are left out

As the royal family has now announced, King Charles will host a state dinner on Sunday evening. However, Harry and Meghan will be absent from the event at Buckingham Palace, the palace said in a statement. The reason: The dinner is only reserved for “working royals”. This officially no longer includes Meghan and Harry since “Megxit” 2020. Incidentally, the same applies to Prince Andrew, who was released from his royal titles after his involvement in an abuse scandal.

So the next setback for Harry and Meghan in the midst of mourning the loss of Harry’s beloved grandmother – and not the first reason to cause friction between the couple and the new king. Allegedly, Harry and Meghan are angry because Charles does not want to give their children, Archie and Lilibet, royal titles. Meanwhile, it should already be clear which two personal items the Queen will take to the grave. (han)

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