News"My goodness!" Meghan Markle's secret diary worries Royal Family

"My goodness!" Meghan Markle's secret diary worries Royal Family

Created: 09/07/2022 06:58 am

Meghan Markle reveals in her interview with The Cut that she kept a diary as a senior royal. Her forgotten diary has now fallen into her hands again. The royal family is asking the anxious question: will the Duchess of Sussex publish them as a settlement with the palace?

London – Meghan Markles (41), who resigned from all royal offices with husband Prince Harry and moved to California with him, reported in an extensive interview with “The Cut” that she kept her diary that she kept during her active royal days rediscovered at Frogmore Cottage and took with them when they stayed at their old London abode for the Queen’s Jubilee. Meghan’s memories have done lasting damage to the British crown before. Should Harry’s family expect another attack?

The Duchess reports that she rediscovered her diary on her last visit to London

Meghan vividly reports on the moment of rediscovery: “You go back, open the drawers and think: oh my god. That’s what I wrote in my diary”? Margaret Holder, author of “Diana: The Caring Princess” and royal expert, assesses the matter as explosive: “She [Meghan] has had enough time in the royal family to learn some decades-old secrets that are important to the queen and her family could be embarrassing and painful, but would make Meghan a fortune.”

For the Duchess of Sussex, a book about her time with the royals offers a great opportunity to settle scores, name those who have offended her and get revenge on a system she didn’t understand and didn’t want to learn , adds Holder. Meghan recently teased on her Spotify podcast that she was first treated like a “black woman” when she started dating Prince Harry, 37.

Meghan and Harry’s farewell to the crown

The Royal Duchess of Sussex ended their royal duties on March 31, 2020.

Prince Harry retained his titles and continued as a heir to the throne.

The couple had to give up the self-created brand name “Sussex Royal”.

Meghan and Harry’s scandalous interview with Oprah Winfrey has left its mark

Meghans Tagebuchaufzeichnungen werden von Royal-Expertin Margaret Holder als brisant eingeschätzt (Fotomontage).
Meghan’s diary entries are rated as explosive by Royal expert Margaret Holder (photomontage). © i Images/Imago & Jonathan Brady/dpa

The Royal Family was only able to smooth the waves that Meghan and Harrys had triggered after the scandalous interview with Oprah Winfrey (68) with difficulty. The Solomonic sentence of Queen Elizabeth (96) regarding the racism allegations “Memories could vary” became a dictum, regardless of whether it was later about Meghan’s bullying allegations or tears for Kate Middleton (40) and Prince Williams (40) wedding.

Meghan’s interview has also brought other critics to the scene. Nelson Mandela’s grandson Zwelivelile “Mandla” Mandela (48) was surprised by Meghan’s hint. Her marriage to Prince Harry would have sparked jubilation in South Africa, reminiscent of the legendary anti-apartheid activist’s release in 1990 after 27 years in prison. Mandela spoke to MailOnline and spoke reprimanding words on behalf of his entire family. Sources used:,

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