NewsNaddel “could not sleep for three nights”: blackmailers threatened...

Naddel “could not sleep for three nights”: blackmailers threatened her – and followed up with action

A good start to the new year really looks different. Pop titan Dieter Bohlen’s ex was a victim of criminals. The goal was Naddel’s Instagram account.

Munich – photos, reels, stories: Nadja Abd el Farrag, better known as Naddel, kept her followers up to date via Instagram. Everyone knows that the social media platform is a business foundation for influencers. Good money can be earned through advertising partners and cooperations. For Dieter Bohlen*’s ex, 2022 started with a shock. Naddel sent her followers a curious holiday message in December *.

Naddel: Shock in the new year – she informs the police

As reported by , Naddel fell victim to criminals who hacked their Instagram accounts. For activation, they raised a demand of 300 euros, which Naddel did not pay. Instead, the former TV presenter turned on the police. However, she refrained from an ad. “The officials told me it’s useless, the perpetrators are abroad anyway,” she told the newspaper.

“I’m really scared”: Instagram account hacked by Naddel

Still, she got it right to do with the fear. Because the blackmailers also got their phone number via their social media account and wrote to them, Naddel Zeitung said. “I’m really scared, haven’t slept for three nights. It’s not a good start to the new year for me,” she said. The 56-year-old will probably no longer be able to access her data.

Apparently, the loss of her Instagram account is not only important to her because of the followers*. “It was a picture book of my life, from childhood through school. My life on the North Sea, looking for an apartment in Hamburg,” she said in an interview with

The attack on her Instagram* account will probably not get Naddel down so quickly. She apparently has a new account for a long time. Your most loyal fans are probably on board again. As of January 28, more than 800 Instagram users have followed her.

On the other hand, Cathy Hummels, who showed a special ingredient when cooking on Instagram *, has far more subscribers. Some of their fans reacted with horror. (mbr) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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