NewsNationwide radio failure at the fire brigade and police

Nationwide radio failure at the fire brigade and police

Created: 09/21/2022 11:57 am

Eine Hamburger Polizistin arbeitet in der Einsatzzentrale.
A Hamburg policewoman works in the operations center. © DPA/Bodo Marks

During the night there was a total failure of the digital radio in the fire brigade and police nationwide. No communication was possible for about 20 minutes.

Hamburg – A nationwide total failure of the digital radio network caused a security meltdown last night. For almost 20 minutes, radio traffic from the control centers to the emergency services on the street failed completely. Around 2 o’clock there was radio silence, nothing worked anymore, no more radio messages came through. reveals how the total failure of digital radio could have happened

Nationwide radio failure at the fire brigade and police: authorities reacted immediately

At the Hamburg police, the patrol cars could be contacted via so-called Mobipol devices. These are cell phones that almost every police officer carries with them. Other federal states are also reporting a temporary total failure of digital radio. The federal agency responsible for digital radio for the authorities and organizations with security tasks has so far left an unanswered request in the morning.

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