NewsNazi scandal at Melanie Müller's performance – concert canceled

Nazi scandal at Melanie Müller's performance – concert canceled

Created: 9/29/2022 4:56 am

Nazi scandal at a concert by Melanie Müller: At a marquee performance by the Ballermann singer in Leipzig, parts of the audience made no secret of their right-wing extremist sentiments. The 34-year-old herself commented on the shocking scenes.

Leipzig – Actually, Melanie Müller (34) is considered to be a guarantee for a good mood, but recently there have been scenes that should have spoiled the mood of the Ballermann-Queen properly: At a concert in Leipzig, some spectators are said to have lived out their right-wing extremist and National Socialist ideas quite openly – a no-go, also for the 34-year-old, who then apparently stopped her performance.

Unsuspecting Melanie Müller plays a concert in front of the Nazis – a scandal about the Ballermann singer

Said events are said to have taken place on September 17th in a marquee in Leipzig: Melanie Müller was on stage there at an Oktoberfest party and heated up the crowd with Ballermann hits. But a video available to shows much more than just a party-mad crowd.

Ballermann-Star Melanie Müller bezieht Stellung zu Konzertszenen, daneben das Konzert (Fotomontage)
“I would like to clearly distance myself from such people and this body of thought and I also condemn them in the strongest possible terms,” Melanie Müller put a stop to any Nazi rumors (photo montage) © Screenshot/Instagram/Melanie Müller & Screenshot/Private

In the midst of the crowd, a few men are chanting “Sieg Heil” and raising their right arms in a Hitler salute – both behaviors that are punishable in Germany! Apparently, that didn’t bother those present. Melanie Müller is also said to have continued the concert for the time being, since the 34-year-old – according to her own statements – initially did not notice anything about the anti-constitutional behavior.

The Hitler salute as a criminal offense – these are the consequences:

In Germany, the Hitler salute has been a criminal offense since the end of World War II. Anyone who shows this publicly is accordingly liable to prosecution. The National Socialist gesture is punishable in two ways: First, according to Section 86a Paragraphs 1 and 2 of the Criminal Code, it is forbidden to use National Socialist symbols, salutations or slogans. Failure to do so will result in a fine or imprisonment of up to three years. In many cases, the perpetrator is also liable to prosecution for hate speech under Section 130 of the Criminal Code. This is punishable by imprisonment from three months to five years.

Melanie Müller puts a stop to Nazi rumors – “I want to distance myself clearly”

The jungle camp icon on Instagram has now commented on the incident itself. She “of course immediately pointed out that such statements should be avoided,” said Melanie Müller, who “severely criticized” such behavior. The organizers also reacted and “expelled individual people from the marquee”. The Ballermann singer herself said that she had canceled the concert after other relevant statements had been made.

“I would like to clearly distance myself from such people and this body of thought and I also condemn them in the strongest possible terms,” the 34-year-old once again made a clear statement. She has “nothing to do with Nazis and right-wing extremists (…)”, said the native of Saxony. The Ballermann blonde probably doesn’t need any new stress at the moment: Melanie Müller recently announced that she had suffered a stroke after her separation. Sources used:,

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