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Neil Young vs. Joe Rogan: Dispute over Corona fake news on Spotify

Musician Neil Young criticizes Spotify for spreading misinformation about corona vaccinations. The reason is the podcast by Joe Rogan.

NEW YORK – Rock star Neil Young has threatened music streaming service Spotify to have his music removed from the platform, attacking podcaster Joe Rogan in the process. Young accuses Rogan of spreading false information about the corona virus and vaccinations. “You can have Rogan or Young. Not both,” said the Canadian musician, according to the British Guardian, in a letter to his management that was briefly public on Young’s website on Monday evening (01/24/2022, local time).

“I’m doing this because Spotify is spreading fake news about vaccines – potentially causing the deaths of those who believe the disinformation they’re spreading,” Neil Young* was quoted as saying. The musician was referring primarily to the podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience”, which is only available on Spotify and is one of the largest podcasts in the world with around 11 million listeners per episode. Spotify, on the other hand, has a responsibility to take action against fake news on its platform, according to Neil Young’s criticism of the streaming service.

Neil Young criticizes Spotify for Joe Rogan’s statements about corona vaccinations

Neil Young’s manager Frank Gironda, who was one of the addressees of the letter alongside Tom Carson of Warner Records, confirmed the authenticity of the message to the US news portal The Daily Beast. “It’s something that is very important to Neil. He’s very upset,” explained Gironda.

Joe Rogan has often been criticized for statements about the corona pandemic *. About a month ago, 270 doctors, researchers and healthcare workers publicly accused the podcaster of spreading misinformation and conspiracy tales. The experts had also demanded rules from Spotify for dealing with misinformation.

Criticized by Neil Young and experts: Joe Rogan spreads misinformation on Spotify

The signers particularly criticized the podcast episode from December 31, 2021. In it, Joe Rogan spoke to the virologist Robert Malone, who works on the mRNA technology on which the corona vaccines* from Biontech/Pfizer* and Moderna* are based. based, had researched, but came under criticism during the corona pandemic for spreading false information.

The experts accuse Rogan and Malone of propagating conspiracy stories. Heads of state and government around the world have hypnotized part of the population to believe what the media and US virologist Anthony Fauci say about vaccinations, Malone explained, among other things, to Joe Rogan’s podcast, which is now being criticized by Neil Young.

Neil Young promotes corona vaccinations, Paul Rogan promotes dewormers

In September 2021, after surviving the corona infection, Joe Rogan declared that he had taken the deworming agent Ivermectin for treatment, which opponents of vaccination also falsely advertised as a remedy against corona*. In April 2021, Rogan declared that young, healthy people should not be vaccinated.

Neil Young, who has criticized Spotify for false statements about the coronavirus, according to a post on his website in March 2021, is vaccinated against the coronavirus and calls on his fans to do the same. (ms with dpa) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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