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Netflix: Second season of Squid Games? "You leave us no choice"

Director Hwang Dong-hyuk makes Netflix fans all over the world sit up and take notice. Will the death games continue?

Berlin – Netflix is currently keeping a low profile regarding the question of a continuation of the hit series “Squid Game”. “We can neither confirm nor deny that at the moment,” said a spokesman for the Berlin PR agency of the streaming giant on Wednesday (November 10th, 2021) of the German press agency.

The South Korean “Squid Game” director Hwang Dong-hyuk told the AP news agency on Tuesday evening in Los Angeles: “I almost think you don’t give us a choice. There’s so much pressure, so much demand and so much passion to shoot a second season. ”He is currently in the planning phase. However, it is still too early to give an appointment.

Netflix greater success – continuation of “Squid Game” likely

Internationally, the announcement sparked great enthusiasm among “Squid Game” fans. There is already lively speculation as to which figures believed to be dead could return. “Squid Game” is Netflix’s greatest success to date. The brutal, socially critical Korean thriller series was viewed in 142 million households in the first four weeks of its launch.

Puppe aus Netlix-Serie "Squid Game" in Tokio


In Tokyo, pedestrians walk past an oversized replica of the “Younghee” doll from the South Korean Netflix series “Squid Game”.

The already existing nine episodes tell a story of the struggle for survival: Around 450 people of completely different social origins, all of whom are deeply in debt, compete against each other in a remote location in order to win prize money worth millions. In the macabre competition, losers are killed instantly.

“Squid Game” director draws inspiration from his own life

His family’s personal experiences with poverty and debts during the financial crisis of 2008 brought Hwang Dong-hyuk to the plot. The huge doll with camera eyes or the intimidating masks of the guards have quickly become icons of the internet and often appeared as Halloween costumes in 2021.

Children in some countries re-enacted the death games in the playground. Bavaria State Criminal Police Office recently spoke of “isolated suspicious perceptions in connection with the television series”. However, there are no known cases of physical injuries or acts of violence in connection with the game at Bavarian schools. (Lukas Zigo / dpa)

Rubriklistenbild: © Rodrigo Reyes Marin / dpa

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