NewsNew corona tightening? Advising Prime Ministers

New corona tightening? Advising Prime Ministers

At the end of the year, the corona rules in North Rhine-Westphalia could be tightened. Contact restrictions and closings are under discussion at the MPK. But from when?

Düsseldorf / Berlin – As the Corona * situation continues to deteriorate across Germany, the federal and state governments will meet again for a summit in Berlin on Tuesday (December 21) from 4 p.m. Some rules are to be tightened again. Among other things, there could also be contact restrictions for vaccinated persons and genesis. What exactly this will have for NRW * will then also be explained in more detail by Prime Minister Hendrik Wüst *
24RHEIN * shows which corona tightening could come.

Christmas and New Year's Eve are just around the corner. Therefore, the point in time from when the corona tightening comes is definitely relevant. At least the former will probably be spared from the measures of the Prime Minister's Conference (MPK). For the New Year's Eve celebrations, however, it could look different. (os) * 24RHEIN is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA.

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