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New laws and changes: What will be more expensive from November – and where you can save

Created: 10/28/2022, 2:40 p.m

In November, consumers will be faced with some changes again. Where you will soon have to pay more, but also save money, here is an overview.

Kassel – The year 2022 is coming to an end and November is coming with some changes. In addition to higher prices, they also bring benefits for consumers, which should be particularly welcome in the current energy crisis.

In addition to changes when visiting the veterinarian and at public rest stops on the motorway, there are also adjustments to electricity and gas prices and the streaming of films and series. All innovations from November here at a glance.

Changes in November 2022: Higher prices at the vet and for toilets at rest stops

There is less good news for all pet owners: Price changes at the vet will take effect from November 22nd. The reason is the amended scale of fees for veterinarians (GOT). For example, owners of dogs and cats will have to pay 23.62 euros in future for general examinations. But prices are also increasing for X-rays and vaccinations. The change also affects farmers who have their pigs or cattle examined.

If you drive a lot on the motorway and want to visit the quiet place, you will soon notice that more money is needed for this. This applies to Sanifair’s toilet facilities. So far, using the toilets has cost 70 cents, but from November 18 the company will charge 1 euro. In return, customers still receive a voucher that they can redeem for goods at rest stops.

  • All changes at a glance:
  • Ban on price differences in basic services from November 1st
  • New cheaper Netflix subscription starting November 3rd
  • Higher prices for toilets at motorway service areas from November 18th
  • Prices for veterinary visits from November 22nd
  • Expiry of the notice period for motor insurance on November 30th

Electricity, gas and car insurance: What changes will apply from November

Electricity and gas customers who want to change their provider can save on the basic supply. Because: From November there can no longer be any price differences between existing and new customers. This determines the adjustment of the Energy Industry Act (EnWG). So far, many providers have introduced more expensive new customer tariffs in the basic service, as explained by the Lower Saxony consumer advice center. The change in the EnWG now ensures that new customers and existing customers must be supplied with electricity and gas at the same prices.

In addition, November is the time to act for car owners who are dissatisfied with their car insurance. The 30th is the deadline for termination, after which the insurance can no longer be changed, reports the portal. Means: The cancellation must be received by the provider by this day. So if you are currently paying a lot of money for relatively little performance, you should take care of it soon. It is also important to prepare the car for the coming winter.

Im November läuft die Frist für den Wechsel der Kfz-Versicherung ab.
November is the deadline for changing car insurance. © David Ebener/dpa

Changes to Netflix and Shopping Days: How to save in November

Streaming fans can expect a special offer from November 3rd: Netflix is offering a new bonus subscription with advertising. This will cost 4.99 euros in Germany. As the company reports, subscribers then have to be prepared for an average of four to five minutes of advertising per hour, but can save a lot of money in the process. In comparison: the basic subscription (HD quality, on one device) costs EUR 7.99, the standard subscription (HD, on two devices) EUR 12.99 or the premium subscription (4K/HDR, on up to 17.99 euros). to four devices). However, the download function cannot be used in the new model – streaming films and series offline is therefore not possible.

Bargain hunters are shuffling their hooves ahead of November with some big shopping events coming up. Singles Day kicks things off on November 11th with numerous offers. At the end of November, the world’s two biggest savings campaigns follow: Black Friday on November 25th and the following Cyber Monday on November 28th. Many people are hoping for strong discounts and good deals these days with a view to the approaching Christmas. (asc)

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