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New strikes in Germany? DB and GDL now name new details

Will there be new strikes in Germany? The train drivers’ union and Deutsche Bahn want to give details on Thursday.

+++ 10:38 a.m.: Claus Weselsky opened the press conference with his statement. A “good compromise” has been found with the employer. The “bundled package” is what the railway workers deserve.

The central result of the negotiations is a wage increase in December 2021, as well as two Corona “subsidies”, which are to come into force gradually. Weselsky thanked the Prime Ministers Stephan Weil and Daniel Günther, who “made the negotiations possible”.

+++ 10.20 a.m.: The press conference begins in a few minutes, at which Deutsche Bahn and the GDL want to give details on the collective bargaining. As already became known (see update from 9.25 a.m.), there were approximations in negotiations on Thursday night. The German press agency learned shortly before the press conference that there had been an agreement in the wage dispute. “There is an agreement,” the news agency quotes sources from the negotiating environment.

+++ 9.25 a.m.: The press conference was announced for 10.30 a.m. According to a media report, there should have been rapprochements between Deutsche Bahn and GDL in the negotiations on Thursday night. This is reported by Business Insider magazine with reference to internal information.

First report from Thursday, September 16, 2021, 9 a.m .: Berlin – Are new strikes threatened in Germany? Deutsche Bahn and the train drivers’ union (GDL) want to comment on the current status of collective bargaining on Thursday morning (September 16, 2021). The DB had presented the GDL with a new offer at the weekend. The union has been examining this since then.

GDL boss Claus Weselsky and Bahn personnel director Martin Seiler were announced for the press statement. In addition, two prime ministers take their places on the podium: Stephan Weil from Lower Saxony and Daniel Günther from Schleswig-Holstein.

Deutsche Bahn: new strikes? DB and GDL give details

The GDL had already hit passenger traffic in Germany three times in the collective bargaining negotiations. Both Deutsche Bahn and various political representatives announced several times that they wanted to prevent a fourth strike.

Deutsche Bahn


Are new strikes looming in Germany? (Archive photo)

Among other things, the Federal Ministry of Transport appealed to both negotiating parties to strive for “joint solutions”. (do)

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