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New techniques to anticipate crimes

The truth is that different police departments around the world have already promoted programs that aim to anticipate criminals. Pioneers include those in Baltimore and Philadelphia, in the US, which have a set of computer tools that record the modus operandi, crime frequency and areas of action of prisoners who have been convicted of murder. The software connects all the data and tries to predict well in advance the probability that these criminals will act again and the most feasible place where they would act.

In London, a similar program has also been put to the test that analyzes the criminal history and messages posted by a person on social media . For its part, the US National Security Agency has been working for a few years with the FAST program, acronym for Future Attribute Screening Technologies , which takes into account different biological signals that usually occur in people who plan to commit a crime, among them the fast heart rate and the changes in the tone of voice.

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