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Nice at the event, blaspheme at home: Amira Pocher exposed as the "wrong snake".

Created: 10/06/2022 12:53 p.m

Is Amira Pocher (30) really a “wrong snake”, as a fan notes on Facebook? The reason for the comparison is a bad action by Amira Pocher against Julian Claßen’s new girlfriend Tanja Makarić (25).

Cologne – Imagine you tell someone in confidence about your most intimate secrets and read about it in the newspaper a day later. That’s how it must feel for swimmer Tanja Makarić, who spoke very nicely to Amira Pocher at an event, but a little later had to listen to nasty insults from Oliver Pocher’s wife.

Amira Pocher meets Tanja Makarić at the “KinderTag” in Berlin and is super nice

What exactly happened? After separating from Bibisbeautypalace, Julian Claßen found love: the influencer has been on cloud nine with swimmer Tanja Makarić since July. In mid-September, both were invited to the “kinderTag” in Berlin. There, however, Tanja Makarić made a stylish faux pas.

Ist Amira Pocher eine „Falsche Schlange“? Auf einem Event war sie nett zu Tanja Makarić, zuhause im Podcast zog sie über die Freundin von Julienco her.
Is Amira Pocher a “wrong snake”? At an event, she was nice to Tanja Makarić, at home on the podcast, she scolded Julienco’s girlfriend. © Imago Images

Initially, the native of Wuppertal could be seen on the red carpet with a deep neckline and lots of bling-bling, but then she changed her outfit when she played with children. “I’m doing super well, I’m super relaxed,” said the former competitive swimmer, who ended her career in 2017.

Amira Pocher blasphemes about Tanja Makaric: “She looks completely different”

At the event, Tanja Makarić was also able to chat with Oliver Pocher’s wife Amira Pocher. “I got along really well with her,” revealed Julienco’s new girlfriend on Instagram . The two also appear familiar on the press photos of the event. But when Amira Pocher and husband Oliver Pocher recorded the latest edition of their podcast “Die Pochers”, Amira seemed to have forgotten the nice conversations again.

Amira Pocher neben Tanja Makarić am „kinderTag“ am 20. September in Berlin.
Amira Pocher next to Tanja Makarić on “Children’s Day” on September 20th in Berlin. © IMAGO/Frederic Kern

Nice on the red carpet but badmouthing at home? Yes, that’s the ugly side of “Let’s Dance” candidate Amira Pocher. In the podcast, Amira diligently blasphemes about Julian Claßen and Tanja Makarić. “She looks completely different,” Amira blasphemed about Tanja after seeing the influencer in real life for the first time .

Nice at the event, blaspheme at home: cowardly action exposes Amira Pocher as the “wrong snake”

Oliver Pocher also pulls about Tanja Makarić’s outfit at “Children’s Day”: “With her breasts out, she stands on the red carpet at a children’s event for any children who have nothing. You just have to have that much brain power. And then she puts on a jogging suit. ” Instead of defending Tanja, Amira also joins in the blasphemy attack in the podcast.

“I wouldn’t have chosen the outfit like that either,” agreed Amira, but not only found Tanja’s choice of clothes inappropriate. “Julian is wearing a Prada shirt (…). There are children in need and you come there with your 1000 euro shirt or your 70,000 euro watch.”

Wait a minute: At first Amira Pocher chats very nicely with Tanja Makarić at the event, doesn’t say a word about her outfit, but then at home she rails against the swimmer? This hypocritical behavior also caused gossip fans to shake their heads on Facebook. “Wrong snake” commented a Facebook user under a post.

Tanja Makarić disappointed with cowardly gossip from Amira Pocher

This is Tanja Makarić, Julian Claßen’s new girlfriend

Tanja Makarić was born on April 4, 1997 and lived in Wuppertal for a long time. She was a professional swimmer and celebrated some respectable successes, especially in her youth. Tanja Makarić earns her money as an influencer and became known throughout Germany through her relationship with YouTube star Julian Classen

Tanja Makarić was bitterly disappointed after the Pochers’ gossip about her and friend Julian. “Then I must have misjudged the situation,” said Tanja on Instagram. Unfortunately, the fact that the Pochers drag other people through the mud is nothing new. Just a few days ago, Oliver Pocher publicly insulted Karsten Maschmeyer. Sources used : Podcast “Die Pochers”

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