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No fried chicken and worry about crucifixes: Prohibited sales list at the famous Christmas market

Created: 10/13/2022, 5:15 am

Weihnachtsmarkt in Straßburg
The word “Christkindelsmärik” is emblazoned in illuminated letters at an entrance to the Strasbourg Christmas market. © Marijan Murat/dpa/Archive

For some, some dishes and products are simply part of the Christmas market, for others they are a thorn in their side: in Strasbourg, retailers and customers now have to deal with changes.

Strasbourg / Munich – Would you like to dig for champagne at the Christmas market, eat popcorn or fried chicken or buy gifts for dogs or cats? All this is impossible at this year’s Strasbourg Christmas market. The sale of basketwork and peaked caps was also banned. The French city council, with a majority Green majority, has unveiled a banned list that has sparked indignant reactions from opposition parties.

Why were the products banned? “The Christmas capital has to keep up with the times, with a view to ecological responsibility and the origin of the products,” emphasized Guillaume Libsig, who shared responsibility for the list. That’s why no champagne, but Crémant, a sparkling wine from Alsace. “Craft and authenticity are important to us,” says Libsig.

Excitement also about crucifixes – products made in Asia should be contained

There was also excitement about crucifixes, which are only to be sold with reservations. This only means that the sale of items made in Asia should be curbed, said Libsig. Right-wing conservative Republicans had already feared that Christian symbols would be rejected – and that at a Christmas market that is intended to get citizens in the mood for the Christian holidays.

For some retailers, however, the prohibited list comes too late: they complained that the list was only published a month and a half before the opening of the Christmas market. Most of the goods have already been ordered. The Christmas market in Strasbourg starts on November 25th – it is one of the most famous in Europe. (cg with AFP)

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