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Not a luxury villa: DSDS boss Dieter Bohlen lives in a 90 square meter apartment in Mallorca

Created: 7/28/2022 5:01 am

Dieter Bohlen now lives on the Spanish island of Mallorca. Anyone who thinks that the pop titan lives in a luxury property is wrong. The music producer spends his time in a 90 square meter apartment in the southwest of Mallorca.

Mallorca – Dieter Bohlen (68) used his DSDS break to spend a lot of time together in Mallorca. Always there: partner Carina. But the couple probably does not own a luxury property. But who owns the luxurious property that the 68-year-old regularly shows on Instagram?

No luxury villa: DSDS boss Dieter Bohlen lives in a 90 square meter apartment in Mallorca

A villa with a pool, palm trees and a huge garden – Dieter Bohlen could definitely afford a property in Mallorca. According to, his fortune is estimated at 135 million euros. But the luxury villa, in which the 68-year-old gave an interview to RTL a few days ago, belongs to TV agent Marcel Remus (35). Even the palm tree that he gave to Carina last year is not in his garden – but in a nearby house.

He is said to own a 90 square meter apartment in the southwest of Mallorca, which costs 700,000 euros and in which Dieter Bohlen feels very comfortable. “Dieter uses his connections, everyone on the island knows him. He enjoys fooling people. He likes to save,” a friend said in a statement to Now Bohlen himself commented on this.

Dieter Bohlen reports with DSDS comeback from Mallorca villa

A few days ago, the pop titan released a video in which he informed his fans and followers of his “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” comeback. The pool, palm trees and a huge estate can be seen in the background. “But the whole truth is, the apartment, the scooter etc. do not belong to me either. I own as much on Malle as most people: nothing. Why should I buy something I can have? The sun, the sea are all accessible to everyone,” his statement on Instagram read.

Before the 20th anniversary season of DSDS starts, Dieter Bohlen announced major changes before the start. “We are full of new ideas, I swear to you. We’re hatching new things,” it said in an Instagram video. Sources used:,

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