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"Not ruled out": Oliver Pocher etches against the World Cup in Qatar, but still wants to attend a game

Created: 9/9/2022 7:13 am

Oliver Pocher doesn’t mince his words. This applies not only to his criticism of influencers, but also to more important issues such as human rights violations in Qatar. Nevertheless, he would like to watch a World Cup game of the German national team in the desert state.

Qatar – The World Cup will take place in Qatar from November 20th to December 1st, 2022. Since the announcement, FIFA has been heavily criticized for building the stadiums, which violated all human rights. The media repeatedly criticized the blatant abuses in Qatar – now also Oliver Pocher, who would like to watch a game of the German national team despite the controversial World Cup.

Oliver Pocher etches against the World Cup in Qatar with a new song

For about two weeks, Oliver Pocher has been promoting his new World Cup hit “Hurra hurray, we’re going to Qatar”, which, however, was already heavily criticized by Ballermann. In the Megapark, party-goers Oliver Pocher booed on stage, after which he stopped his performance after just 15 minutes. On September 5, the former “Let’s Dance” contestant traveled to the desert city to perform his protest song in front of the soccer stadium and shoot the music video for it.

Oliver Pocher und das Fußballstadion in Katar bei Nacht
In his song “Hurra hurray, we’re going to Qatar”, Oliver Pocher criticizes the 2022 World Cup taking place in the desert state. © Instagram/oliverpocher & IMAGO / Xinhua

In 2006 Oliver Pocher released the hit “Schwarz und Weiss”, which is still part of every World Cup night for many football fans. His latest hit “Hooray Hooray, we’re going to Qatar” is not in such a positive mood. In the song he criticizes FIFA and human rights violations in Qatar. Since the song has not yet been officially released, the exact lyrics remain unclear. One thing is certain: He leaves no good hair at the World Cup taking place in Qatar.

Homosexuality in Qatar

Homosexuality is illegal in Qatar. Regardless of gender, sexual acts can be punished with up to five years imprisonment. FIFA boss Sepp Blatter asked homosexual fans not to engage in such acts during their visit to Qatar, but was met with harsh criticism. In order to provoke the government even more, Oliver Pocher wore a rainbow armband during his visit to the Gulf State, which stands for solidarity with the LGBTQI community. Since June 7, 2021, German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer has been wearing these at all national team games.

Oliver Pocher wants to visit a football game in the World Cup

Despite the criticism he expresses in his song, Pocher would “not rule out” watching a game of the German national team in Qatar, as he reveals in his Instagram story. After the release of his song “which deals critically with the World Cup”, it is rather questionable whether he will be able to enter the desert state.

Instagramstory von Oliver Pocher
Oliver Pocher would like to visit a game of the German national team in Qatar © Instagram/oliverpocher

However, the World Cup is not the only exciting topic at the moment for Oliver Pocher. He also finds the high fuel prices “simply sucks”, as he reveals on Instagram. Oliver Pocher himself filmed the jump in price when the tank discount was removed in the night from August 31 to September 1. Sources used: Instagram/oliverpocher & &

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