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Novavax vaccine not a dead vaccine: "Can you please stop?" – Karl Lauterbach with an urgent request

Many vaccine skeptics are still waiting for the so-called dead vaccines to be approved. Titled as such: the corona vaccine from Novavax. But is that really true?

Frankfurt – The fourth corona wave has been spilling over Germany for weeks. The corona vaccines are considered to be the greatest hope for a breakwater, but not everyone is convinced of the vaccines currently available. As a reminder: So far, mRNA and vector vaccines have been injected.

Many vaccine skeptics prefer to wait for so-called dead vaccines, these are based on the classic vaccination process. In fact, with the Novavax vaccine, an alleged dead vaccine is about to be approved in the EU.

Corona vaccination: what is a dead vaccine?

But what is a dead vaccine anyway? This only contains killed viruses and does not multiply in the body after the vaccination, as Martina Sester, professor of immunology at Saarland University, told Bayerischer Rundfunk. And: “What is in the syringe, that alone acts as a vaccine.”

Examples of known dead vaccines are vaccines against tetanus, whooping cough or diphtheria.

Novavax a dead corona vaccine? Karl Lauterbach is stunned

Now the vaccine from Novavax is also often referred to as a dead vaccine. Thats not right. In fact, it is a protein-based vaccine candidate. At least that’s what the US company Novavax writes on its website. The new Minister of Health, Karl Lauterbach, is blowing the same horn. The SPD politician recently responded on Twitter to a post by Florian Krammer, a professor of vaccination studies. He emphasized: “Can you please stop calling the Novavax vaccine a dead vaccine? It’s a recombinant protein vaccine. “

Lauterbach wrote: “That’s true. But because so many unvaccinated only want dead vaccine, for whatever reason, the Novavax available soon will be referred to as such. ”In addition, unlike the Novavax vaccine, the mRNA corona vaccines are“ tried and tested billions of times ”.

This is how the Novavax corona vaccine works

The vaccine from Novavax is therefore not one of the mRNA vaccines, such as those from Biontech and Moderna, nor is it part of the group of vector vaccines (Astrazeneca, Johnson & Johnson).

So what does that mean, “recombinant protein vaccine”? In the Novavax vaccine, the so-called spike protein from Sars-CoV-2 is used and reproduced en masse in insect cells. The result is a reaction from the human immune system. After the vaccination, this forms antibodies against the protein, so a corona infection can be warded off.

In addition, a potentiator (a so-called adjuvant) is added to strengthen the immune response. This stimulates a large amount of neutralizing antibodies. Immediately after vaccination, the immune system can begin to produce antibodies against the spike protein of the coronavirus – an advantage of the protein-based vaccine.

Corona: Novavax as a ray of hope for all vaccination skeptics?

Vaccine researcher Dr. Torben Schiffner the vaccine from Novavax as a small ray of hope. He emphasized to the MDR that protein-based vaccines had proven their worth over many years, especially in the production of flu vaccines. “Perhaps that also calms people who were previously skeptical and worried about the new types of vaccines.”

However, Novavax’s vaccine has only been approved in Indonesia and the Philippines so far. According to US media reports in October, EU approval of the Novavax vaccine has been delayed due to production problems. However, the all-clear was recently given by Silvia Taylor, Vice President Of Global Corporate Affairs And Investor Relations at Novavax. She is convinced that her company will be able to produce over two billion vaccine doses by 2022. And: The vaccine is already being adapted to the new Omikron variant. (Nico check)

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