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NRW: Next A45 bridge will be blown up – all information at a glance

Created: 09/17/2022 2:52 p.m

The next A45 bridge blast is pending in NRW. At the end of October, the Landeskroner Weiher viaduct near Siegen was razed to the ground. You have to know that.

Wilnsdorf – At the beginning of 2022 there was a real shock finding in NRW: All 60 motorway bridges of the A45 are dilapidated and have to be renewed. With some, however, nothing can be saved, which is why they have to be blown up. This fate is also to befall the A45 Viaduct “Landeskroner Weiher” and that before the end of this year. Now the preparations for the bridge blast have been initiated.

A45 bridge blast near Siegen: Preparations are underway – when will they take place?

  • What? Blow up of the “Landeskroner Weiher” viaduct
  • When? On October 30, 2022
  • Where? Autobahn A45, 57234 Wilnsdorf

The preparations for the demolition of the A45 viaduct Landeskroner Weiher are in full swing. The direction of Dortmund has been completely blocked since August 16, 2022. Since then, drivers have only been able to drive in the other lane – but not for much longer. Because on October 30, the entire bridge will be razed to the ground. To ensure that this runs as smoothly as possible, gravel is unloaded under the bridge in order to be able to catch the blown parts.

At the same time, layers of asphalt from the A45 bridge are being removed so that less weight is thrown around during the blast. Drilling work is also taking place on the eight pairs of piers, but this should be completed by October 7, 2022. It is still unknown when the route of the A45 viaduct Landeskroner Weiher in the direction of Frankfurt will also be closed. At the beginning of 2022, the A45 Rälsbach viaduct near Siegen was blown up.

A45 bridges dilapidated: problem Rahmede near Lüdenscheid is to be blown up in 2022

Die Talbrücke Landeskroner Weiher an der A45 (Sauerlandlinie) von oben.
The A45 viaduct “Landeskroner Weiher” near Siegen is completely closed in the direction of Dortmund. © Kay-Helge Hercher/Imago

The renovation of the A45 bridges will continue to accompany NRW for a while. Last year, the Rahmede A45 bridge in particular caused trouble. The structure near Lüdenscheid has been completely closed to car traffic since the end of December 2021, which means that it drives through nearby places. Much to the annoyance of local residents who have to deal with noise and exhaust fumes. But if everything goes well, the Rahmede A45 bridge can also be blown up in 2022. December is currently the target date.

A45: The “lifeline for South Westphalia”

In NRW alone, the A45 runs 126 kilometers from Dortmund to Wilnsdorf. The so-called Sauerland line has recently been referred to several times as the “lifeline for South Westphalia”. Above all, the economy in the region is dependent on the Autobahn. Overall, the A45 runs from North Rhine-Westphalia via Hesse to the border with Bavaria. The total length is 257 kilometers.


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