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Odenthal crime scene "The interrogation": The inspector and the killers

Created: 2022-09-02, 4:31 p.m

Wird die Kommissarin den Verdächtigen rechtzeitig knacken? Foto<: SWR/Benoit Linder
Will the detective crack the suspect in time? Photo<: SWR/Benoit Linder © SWR/Benoît Linder

The Tatort season begins with a misogynist story that Lena Odenthal is particularly concerned about.

The scene of the crime in the new season. On the one hand, Lena Odenthal and Johanna Stern, Ulrike Folkerts and Lisa Bitter routinely deal with the misogynists in uniform and in civilian clothes. Not only during the lengthy interrogation of the title, Odenthal also shows how affected she is by this act: A woman was tied up and burned, not only the pathologist thinks of the witch burning.

The victim’s mother also immediately thinks of the husband – that’s the obvious choice, as every femicide statistic shows – and assures that there was a lot of anger at play in her daughter’s marriage. But since it is a TV crime thriller, there is a complete lack of usable traces at the scene of the crime. Secondly, the perpetrator – or, so much correctness must be despite all improbability, the perpetrator – makes it very complicated by ensuring that the fire only ignites after more than an hour.

Who now has an idea from TV crime experience experience: Exactly, a second woman will soon be kidnapped, the inspectors have to assume that she is tied up and wired like the murdered woman and will soon die in agony. Then there is a lot of pressure with the confession, connected with the indication of where the kidnapped woman can be found.

“The Interrogation” tells of men who have problems with superiors when they are female – and who, in their opinion, were only promoted because they are women. In Stefan Dähnert’s screenplay, the word “power woman” is essential, and if she absolutely has to do a man’s job like a banker, she should at least take care of the household and childcare without complaint. Meanwhile, real men don’t bother with the K&K fuss, but go fishing (and say basta-like: “men go fishing”) or meet in a contemporary “chat room for guys”. That’s where they planned their crimes, chief inspectors Odenthal and Stern believe.

Bundeswehr Captain Kessler thinks the feminist bitches should prove that first. Directed by Esther Wenger, Götz Otto is a man who could hardly be more dapper, legs apart and coolly provocative, and also more despising of women. But is he a murderer because he seems to use the B and the even cruder F word with pleasure?

More interesting than this woodcut-like figure with its cliché sentences at the end (although: the inspectors can also do clichés) is the question of whether the captain’s lawyer will jeopardize his license in order to perhaps save a life. Three people bring Wenger and Dähnert together in the interrogation room, only one, played by Emre Aksizoglu as a young lawyer, goes at least a bit beyond what is to be expected.

A start with mediocre dialogues and a more routine and foreseeable than really exciting story. Perhaps the disappointment about this season opening also comes from the fact that the Tatort summer break was filled with episodes of the far more original “Munich Murder” (ZDF media library).

“Crime scene: the interrogation” , ARD, Sunday, 8:15 p.m.

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