NewsOf shuddering and chattering

Of shuddering and chattering

Ed Sheeran is one of those people who can’t help but sing fervently about love. And because his heart is so big and warm, he can’t help but sympathize with all those people who ask themselves: What will we do if one day he doesn’t sing for us anymore? When he is called to the heavenly choirs, henceforth to delight the hereafter with his singing?

A little bird must have heard these concerns of the people in the ear of the pale Briton, who immediately gathered the best architects in the kingdom around him and commissioned the building of a chapel on his estate in the county of Suffolk. That was in 2019 and was for the sole purpose of providing his “fans traveling from all over the world with a place of worship,” according to the British news agency PA.

Now, a place of pilgrimage without relics is only half as attractive – and apparently concerned that a sleazy chapel could not be sacred enough for his fans, Eddie applied to the local authorities for permission to build a family crypt under the chapel, in which his mortal shell should one day be laid to rest.

Surprisingly, some in the neighborhood found the idea rather spooky and tried to stop the construction of the 2m by 3m underground tomb. In vain. Because access through the floor slab was not a separate construction project, the authorities had no objections.

The crypt scramble was not the first disagreement that the world star has triggered with his ideas of home comfort and garden decoration. Around his hometown of Framlingham, where Sheeran grew up, not only those who found Eddie stupid at school are annoyed. Sheeran’s sprawling “mega-property” (yes!) has farmhouses and barns, and if we believe the German Press Agency, it has “its own pub, soccer field, lake and cinema in the basement.” Some accuse “him of having lost touch with reality because of his grandiose real estate plans”. And this makes it clear what it’s all about: envy! Because what shows more clearly that Mister Sheeran has a realistic view of the world than that at the tender age of 31 he is already thinking about how he wants to bed after the last note has been sung?

Since we’re talking about a realistic view of the world: Thomas Gottschalk is another person who hasn’t lost his footing. He’s only ever done what he’s really good at: entertaining. What he’s not very good at is stopping, but that’s not a complaint, just a statement. Especially since we recently learned from the “Bunte” that everything could be much, much worse if Thomas Gottschalk had not always known that he was “not a big drinker”. Let’s say, thank heaven, because “I talk sober as much as others do drunk”.

On this point, the 71-year-old told the magazine, he was very different from his good friend and colleague Günther Jauch . He was “a different person after a bottle of wine”. But not him (of course!). “But I also drink in moderation because I’m afraid of losing control and then talking more stupid things.” It’s just a feeling, but Günther Jauch will probably prefer the next one or two bottles of wine without his good friend Thomas drink. boris halva

Thomas Gottschalk.


Thomas Gottschalk.

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